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Reid Fitness

Reid Fitness

Reid Fitness classes are designed to maximize a person's health and quality of life. Whether you're dealing with a chronic condition or you're an athlete looking to gain a competitive advantage, we have a program for you.

If your athlete is working through an injury, head over and check out our Athletic Training Clinic. Let our Certified Athletic Trainers get you back in the game.

Reid Fitness
If you are enrolled in Reid Fitness, HIIT Boxing, or Yoga classes, ask your fitness specialist about discounted pricing for additional classes.

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Our Reid Fitness Programs

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CancerFit is a free service for individuals with a current cancer diagnosis, those in remission and survivors. Individuals in current treatment have the opportunity to participate throughout treatment and for up to 12 weeks of remission - after which our team of Specialists will guide you to your next steps in recovery. Written consent from patient's treating provider is required to begin classes.

Have you been feeling off balance lately? Taken a few too many falls? You might be a perfect candidate for our Fall Prevention program.

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HIIT Boxing Programs are for people of all ages. Enjoy a group exercise class setting taught by highly-trained Medical Exercise Specialist.

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Reid Fitness offers Medical Fitness Classes for various diagnoses and specific training. These programs help people with specific conditions such as High BMI or diabetes a way to get and stay healthy.

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Rock Steady Boxing provides a uniquely effective form of exercise along with group support. Area residents struggling with Parkinson's disease can attend classes at at one of our three locations. Using non-contact boxing-inspired fitness routines, participants can dramatically improve their ability to live independent lives.

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Yoga at Reid Fitness offers beginner-friendly classes designed to relieve stress and tension, improve mobility, and promote general wellness. No yoga experience is required to participate.

Our Reid Fitness programs are here to to improve your health and physical activity no matter where you are in life.

Reid Fitness @ North Complex

1751 Chester Road Richmond, IN 47374

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