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April 21st, 2017

Reid Health Perinatal Navigator helps guide women through pregnancy

A new program offered through the Reid Health Mother-Baby Care Center and Reid OB/GYN is helping expectant moms navigate their pregnancies and also connecting them and their families with any other support they might need along the way.

April 14th, 2017

April Reid Health Ambassador ‘face of Reid Health’ to community

The April Reid Health Ambassador is known for her dedication and service to others in her tireless outreach efforts in connecting people with resources for their care.

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5 tasks for when your sick child comes home from school

Parents need to do certain things when picking up a sick child to make the sick day less uncomfortable. Here are five options.

7 ways to get a great outdoor workout

Eager for an outdoor workout? Getting your exercise outside is easy, and it may help increase your fitness frequency. Here’s more.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria: What to know

Use medicine responsibly so it works when you need it to, while avoiding antibiotic resistant bacteria. Here’s how.

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