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Reid Health Community Sponsorship Support

Reid Health Community Sponsorship Support

Community Sponsorships

Reid Health views community sponsorship support as an opportunity to fulfill its mission: To lead our communities to well-being, one person at a time. In turn, sponsor benefits allow Reid to highlight services and strengthen critical relationships in the communities we serve.

It is important these sponsorships align with Reid's strategic plan and sponsorship budget. As such, we respectfully ask you to review the guidelines before completing the request form.

Interested in Partnering with Reid?

Important Definitions 

  • Sponsorship: Financial and/or in-kind support in return for the right to use an opportunity such as an event, program, or organization's influence to promote Reid Health's name, image, programs, and services
  • Events/Outreach: An opportunity to have a presence in a community or private setting, in person or virtual, to support the community and Reid Health's mission. This may also include providing speakers and/or clinical support staff for educational purposes.

  • Reid Health Community Sponsorship Objectives

    Through sponsorships, Reid Health aims to achieve:

    • Alignment with like-minded organizations to advance our mission.
    • Strengthen Reid's brand vision: Healthier people, thriving communities, and trusted partner.
    • Establish and develop genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with key audiences.
    • Loyalty and advocacy towards Reid through exclusive partnerships whenever applicable.

    Reid Health Community Sponsorship Objectives

    Categories for Consideration

    Sponsorships support is considered for efforts focused on:

    • Mental health and substance misuse
    • Maternal, fetal, and children's health
    • Physical activity, nutrition, and weight status
    • Disease prevention and management
    • Arts and culture
    • Environment
    • Economic Development
    • Quality of life

    Priority is given to requests that best align with Reid's strategic plan and Mission, Vision, and Values, with the following attributes:

    • Mutually beneficial initiatives which positively affect our community, patients, providers, employees and/or employer partners
    • Image and brand enhancement
    • Value of investment based on number of individuals served and/or brand impressions.
    • Category exclusivity and advocacy for Reid Health.
    • Reid Health representation or organization's board and/or event committee(s).

    Priority will be given to longstanding partnerships.

    Categories for Consideration

    Selection Criteria and Guidelines

    Regrettably, we are unable to support every request. The guidelines below will help you understand where we focus our attention and resources, as well as defined expectations for mutually beneficial partnerships.

    Restrictions - Reid Health will not support the following requests:

    • Projects, programs, or events outside of counties in Reid's designated service area: Wayne, Randolph, Fayette, Union, Franklin, Henry, Preble, and Darke.
    • Anything that does not align with Reid's strategic plan and/or its Mission, Vision, and Values.
    • Requests for Reid Health to be the sole financial supporter for an event, program, project, or organization.
    • Requests with unreasonably high financial terms and/or low value to Reid Health and its mission.
    • Multiple requests from the same organization within any given budget year. Support of multiple events hosted by the same organization in one calendar year should be included in one request and submitted by October 28 for the next calendar year.
    • Requests with unnecessary legal, safety, financial, reputation and environmental risks.
    • Political campaigns, candidates, parties, or partisan activities.
    • Personal fundraising efforts
    • Participation in trips, tours, contests, etc.
    • Individual teams or groups (ex: travel sports athletes or teams, classrooms or individual projects, entire leagues, competitions, etc.)

    Expectations and Accountability

    Reid Health is committed to support as many like-minded organizations as our annual sponsorship budget permits. Therefore, we are limited on the amount of financial support we can provide any given project considering the volume of requests received.

    Application Timeline and Process

    • Only one application per organization each budget year will be considered. If an organization has multiple events, programs, and projects (such as in an annual agreement), the requester must specify each within on application. If an organization plans a new or additional event after its initial submission support will not be considered until the next budget year.
    • Every application will be reviewed. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial.
    • All applications must be submitted online through the official form linked below at least 60 days in advance of the event.
    Sponsorship Request