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Family Birthing Center

ReidFamily Birthing Center

The Reid Health Family Birthing Center is designed to make you feel comfortable with our home-like labor/delivery/recovery rooms. All rooms are private and include a spa-like atmosphere to help bring a sense of calm while you wait for the arrival of your little one. We also have sleepers in each of our rooms so dads or support people can stay close by.

INspire, funded by the Indiana Department of Health's Safety PIN grant, was developed to implement the delivery of best practice care for Hoosier moms and babies and recognize hospitals for excellence in addressing key drivers of infant and maternal health.

Reid Health earned a Category of Excellence recognition based on implementing best practices in six key areas, including infant safe sleep, breastfeeding, tobacco prevention and cessation, perinatal substance use, obstetric hemorrhage, and maternal hypertension.

Reid is also equipped with a Level I Special Care Nursery. That means we are equipped to care for most babies who face problems at birth. Those requiring ventilator support or neonatal surgery will be transported to a Level III facility for more advanced care after they have been stabilized.

Family members won't be the only ones celebrating when your little one finally arrives. Each time a baby is born at Reid, the family can announce their good news by playing a lullaby over the hospital sound system - spurring smiles and exclamations of "Ohhhh.. another baby!" from many Reid team members.

Visit our OB/GYN practice page for additional services.

Gold Safe Sleep Hospital

Reid Health has a dedicated team of doctors and nurses that work hard to ensure they are implementing the best practices for safe sleep for infants. By implementing hospital policies, training team members, educating family members and caregivers, providing wearable blankets and more Reid Health has been designated as a Gold Sleep safe hospital.

Shared Beginnings

Shared Beginnings at Reid is a program offered free to expectant families who plan to deliver at Reid Health Family Birthing Center.

Shared beginnings covers traditional childbirth preparation classes, for mothers-to-be and their "coaches" help to eliminate the fear of the unknown associated with labor and delivery.

Learn More

Perinatal and infant loss support group

Pregnancy and infant loss is devastating, no matter when it occurs or what the circumstances. It is important to allow yourself to grieve. During the grieving process some emotions might pass quickly, while others may last for long periods of time and you might skip others completely.

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Centering Pregnancy

CenteringPregnancy focuses on empowering patients through providing health education, fostering better relationships with providers, and building a supportive community. All patients are welcome; whether you're a new mother or having your fourth child.

What is CenteringPregnancy?

Milk Bank

Reid Health Residency Clinic and The Milk Bank have partnered to make donating and receiving donated milk easier.

For fragile babies, human milk is lifesaving medicine. Over 1,000 superheroes each year answer the call to save a life.

Quick access to donor milk gives parents peace of mind. The Milk Bank provides safe donor milk as a medical treatment, to bridge a gap or to help meet breastfeeding goals.

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Virtual Tour

View the video below to take a virtual tour of our Family Birthing Center.

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Peek-a-Baby Appointment Request

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