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What is CenteringPregnancy?

CenteringPregnancy is a concept developed by the Centering Health Institute, which helps patients feel empowered through strong connections with care providers, health education, and community building with other patients. Relationships are built within groups of 8-10 patients who have similar due dates, creating an open atmosphere where patients can learn from one another by asking questions, sharing experiences, and building support for each other.

What to expect during your CenteringPregnancy experience

Groups with similar due dates will follow the same 10-visit schedule. Each visit will last about 90 minutes and will include health visits with your provider as well as group discussions about important health information for moms and families. A facilitator will help guide conversations about everything from remaining active and eating the right foods to dealing with stress and anxiety as well as labor and delivery.

During each visit, women will actively engage in their care by taking their own blood pressure and weighing themselves. They'll also have more focused one-on-one interaction with their providers, allowing for 10x more time to ask questions and discuss their health.

Centering is your healthcare visit, but different.

More Information
"My doctor and nurse would lead the group on various topics, but it wasn't like a class. It was a discussion, a group of pregnant women together on a journey with healthcare providers investing in our well-being, our health, the health of our babies, and most importantly, giving us a safe environment to learn the facts that would get us to our goals."

-- CenteringPregnancy Mom

Meet your providers 

Emily Hart NP

"My favorite part about working in healthcare is building relationships with my patients and becoming part of their lives. It's rewarding to have a positive impact on someone and to empower women to have a voice in their care."

a person wearing glasses

Marla Evans NP

"When I first became a nurse, I knew I was a natural caregiver. I love trying to ensure women have the most comfortable and comprehensive care possible."

a woman smiling for the camera

The benefits of CenteringPregnancy

Improved health outcomes for mom and baby

    • Studies have shown Centering nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm birth.
    • The NIH also reports pregnant moms highly engaged in group prenatal care are 5x more likely to stop smoking later in their pregnancy.
    • In a University of Kentucky study, CenteringPregnancy was proven to reduce preterm birth rates from 14% to 6%.
    • In a comparison study, moms who engage in Centering breastfeed their babies at twice the rate than those who didn't participate.

More confidence for mom

    • Women involved in Centering are actively engaged in their own healthcare and are in charge of their own health decisions.
    • Centering moms are more prepared for labor and delivery and have a better understanding of their pregnancy, resulting in fewer calls to emergency rooms.

Strong relationships during the program and beyond!

    • Centering is designed to be an interactive process allowing participants to make and sustain friendships.
    • Women will have partners in their pregnancy to lean on for additional support.

Better Health Outcomes

Centering moms have healthier babies, and Centering nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm birth.


Being part of CenteringPregnancy allows moms to be better prepared for labor and delivery and to better care for their infant. 

Support & Friendship

Create friendships and gain access to resources. Spend 10x more time with your provider.


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