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One Call Access

Patient Transfer and Direct Admission:

(800) 873-2293

Who receives your call?

An experienced RN will take patient information and coordinate the transfer or direct admission.

You will be asked for:

  • Patient name
  • Patient DOB
  • Diagnosis, including reason for transfer
  • Name of transferring physician
  • Other pertinent history
  • Physician contact number

Your responsibility

For direct admission or transfers:

Call (800) 873-2293

Reid’s responsibility

  • The One Call Access nurse will contact a hospitalist or specialist for admission as indicated if the referring provider will not be the attending to the patient in the hospital.  A conference call will be arranged so the referring provider and accepting provider can discuss the referral.
  • The One Call Access nurse will work with Patient Placement to arrange a bed once the admission has been accepted and will return to a call within 10 minutes to the transferring office or facility sending the patient for admission.

Patient follow up

Discharge summaries will be sent to the patient’s physician. Upon discharge, patients are referred to their primary care physician for continued care.