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Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center

Orthopedic Services

Dr. Neher, Orthopedic Surgeon, in exam room.
If you're experiencing continued discomfort or decreased function it may be time to see a doctor specializing in joints known as an orthopedist. Our providers can help care for continued severe joint discomfort that interferes with your daily life.

Injured elbow being examined by Matthew Revennaugh.

An unexpected injury or nagging bone or joint pain can be enough to put life on hold. Fortunately, Reid Ortho Walk-in NOW offers same day appointments Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm. Ortho Walk-in NOW is designed for patients who need fast musculoskeletal care for sudden injuries, chronic orthopedic issues like osteoarthritis, or issues resulting in an increase in pain.

Pain management Dr. Choudhry and patient.

Managing pain is an integral part of a patient's treatment in recovering from an orthopedic injury or disorder. At Reid Orthopedics, our pain management team is dedicated to providing interventional treatment options for the management of acute and chronic pain.

Podiatrist working on a patient's feet.

We have a team of podiatrists who are dedicated to providing exceptional, compassionate care to our patients.

Spine surgeon Dr. Vien and P.A. Jayson Hartman.

Reid Orthopedic Center offers skilled care using the latest technology for spine issues. Hon Vien, D.O., a spine surgeon whose expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery, is in fact the only spine surgeon in the region to use the Mazor robotic surgical system, which improves surgical accuracy for certain procedures.

Orthopedic surgeons with Mako Robot.

When it comes to orthopedic and spinal surgical procedures, nothing compares to the precision, flexibility and control robotic-assisted technology has to offer.

Sports Medicine Physician, Dr. Redshaw cares for injured patient.
Reid Health Sports Medicine providers are experts in preventing and treating injury in active people. They do far more than work with professional or elite athletes. They also care for patients, children through adults, who live an active lifestyle.

At Reid Health Orthopedics & Spine, we are passionate about outcomes and improving your quality of life.  Let us connect you with the care you need, using the latest technology and patient-centered services that make a difference in your life.

At Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center

The Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center care team is a leader in the region and is always right beside you! Our experienced providers are dedicated to helping you feel less pain, while regaining freedom of movement for virtually every bone and joint in your body. Their exceptional care will allow you to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle once again. This is what we do… and we would be happy to do it for you.

At Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center

Why Reid Health?

How long have you been missing out on the things you love? Our patients tell us they wish that they had sought orthopedic care sooner.

Reid's comprehensive care team is right beside you and your family through your journey. Our physicians and support team devote themselves to helping you return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible orthopedic treatment we can - all designed to help you enjoy life.

Why Reid Health?

Live life with less pain. Call Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center now!

According to the CDC, close to 60% of adults over 18 report experiencing pain most days over the last 3 months. Its time to move freely and get back to the things you love.

"I trust Dr. McClurg. He answers all questions thoroughly and is kind and patient. Everyone there is extremely kind, helpful and cheerful." - Actual Patient Feedback (October 2021)

The doctor listened to me and made sure that my questions were answered. He is willing to work with me on the treatment time and my work schedule. Extremely pleased with my first visit with Dr Nuttall. - Actual Patient Feedback (October 2021)

Virtually Tour the Reid Health Orthopedic & Spine Center

Reid Health Orthopedic Center Entrance

Inside Reid Health Orthopedic Center

Reid Health Podiatry & Pain Management Entrance

Reid Health Orthopedic Care Philosophy

The care philosophy at Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center is to put the patient first. Our team customizes plans for each patient, using cutting edge technology and technique, and our surgeons have performed over 800 robotic joint replacement surgeries!

Imagine what you would do with less pain and more mobility. Start your journey to a better quality of life! Call Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center now!

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Orthopedic Patient Resources

There is no need to search. We've put all the resources you need to get on the road to recovery in one place! From insurance and billing information to our FAQs and patient testimonials, we encourage you to ask questions, look around and discover how you too can move easy and enjoy a healthier, active lifestyle.

Insurance and Billing

Insurance and Billing

NEW: We now accept Caresource insurance. To read more about this recent development, read more here. We accept most major insurance carriers and workers' compensation. Please call us directly with specific insurance questions at (765) 962-4444.
Appointment Cancellation Policy

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please cancel appointments 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. To cancel, either call our office or click to submit a form if the office is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refill a medication prescription?

Reid Orthopedics providers will only refill medications they have originally prescribed. Please double check the name of the ordering provider before contacting our office for a refill. It is best to notify us at the time of your office appointment. If that is not possible, please contact your pharmacy and they will contact us directly. Medications will not be refilled at night and on weekends.

How do I get medical records?

If you need to request medical records from one of our offices, please be aware that it could take several business days for you to receive your records. We will make every effort to fulfill all medical records requests as quickly as possible. Please contact us at 765-983-3174 to request a copy of your medical records or should you have any questions regarding your medical records.

What is an orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This system includes bones, joints, muscles and any related painful conditions.

What do I need to know if I need surgery?

Your physician will provide detailed information about when to arrive at the hospital and what to expect after your surgery has been completed.

What does the term “total joint replacement” mean?

Total joint replacement means replacing both sides of the surface of a joint. In the knee it means replacing both the thin cartilage surface on the lower joint surface, which is the tibia, and the upper joint surface which is the femur. Also, the joint surface under the kneecap is replaced. This requires removing the thin cartilage surface and a thin surface of bone for replacement with a metal and plastic surface. This allows all movement of the joint to occur between the metal and plastic parts rather than the raw bone often left by arthritis.

What is a physician assistant (PA)?

Physician assistants (PAs) are licensed healthcare professionals who practice medicine with physician supervision. As part of the physician/PA team, PAs diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. They deliver a broad range of medical and surgical services to diverse populations in both rural and urban settings throughout the United States. Their focus is patient care, which may include education, research and administrative activities. PAs can treat patients and can write prescriptions when the physician is away from the practice.

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