Online Health Tools

Reid Hospital is now offering lots of valuable free content through a variety of Pop-up Health Tools that cover many different topics. Here are a few of the options that you will see throughout the website. Click the buttons and a pop-up window will appear with the content loaded inside.


SmartEngage is a starting point for accessing the key features of the Pop-up Health Tools.

Smart Engage


Browse through all of our in-depth medical reports and articles.

In-Depth Reports


If you want an overall view of your health, the General Risk Assessment is the place to start.

Reid Health Risk Assessments


Check out for potential illnesses through identifying symptoms with our Reid Health Navigator.

Reid Health Navigator Reid Health Navigator  (Spanish)


Specific information centers based on your gender or age range for Men, Women and Senior citizens.

Men’s Center Women’s Center Senior’s Center


Browse documents for complementary and alternative medicines such as herbs and supplements.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine


More Multimedia Resources

HIE Multimedia HIE Multimedia (Spanish) Multimedia Encyclopedia Español Enciclopedia Multimedia