Why a perinatal navigator provides the best care for pregnancy

A perinatal navigator is a special resource to have on your side when you have a newborn on the way. A navigator is a specially trained nurse who focuses on helping expecting mothers with the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re pregnant, this role may be the extra hand you need to navigate a healthy pregnancy.

What’s the role of a perinatal navigator?

Perinatal navigators understand that pregnancy is a complicated, often confusing process. While your body undergoes drastic changes, you must attend doctors’ appointments, make important decisions about your and your baby’s health and plan for life with your new baby. Think of perinatal navigators, also called Perinatal Nurse Navigators, as advocates for your and your baby’s wellness during this stressful time. Their role is to help you receive the best care possible.

What are the benefits of having one?

As qualified healthcare professionals, they’re familiar with the finer details of pregnancy health care and can help you receive truly individualized service. A nurse navigator can help remove barriers to care, access community resources and attend doctors’ appointments with you.

Navigators understand the vital roles nutrition and wellness play in having a healthy baby and can help you put together a plan to get and stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Your perinatal navigator can provide training and educational materials to help you with your transition to motherhood. Many nurse navigators are also lactation counselors qualified to teach you helpful breastfeeding techniques.

Should I use one for my pregnancy?

There are many situations in which having a navigator can be helpful. First-time moms may appreciate the extra guidance and reassurance a navigator can provide. For women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, a nurse navigator is an important part of an interdisciplinary team, explained Debbie Rice, RN, BSN, in the Journal of Obstetric Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing. In situations like this, the navigator can help develop complex care plans with the rest of your prenatal care team. If you’re struggling with a situation such as addiction, homelessness or abuse, a perinatal navigator can help you get the resources needed to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Pregnancy is truly a personal experience. Your choice to have a perinatal nurse navigator at your side during pregnancy and delivery will help you receive individualized care, letting you focus on wellness during this exciting time.

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