Pacemaker gets farmer’s energy level back on par

Farming keeps John Fitzwater young. “I’m down to about 100 acres of corn and soy beans, enough to play around with,” said the 74 year old from Union City. “But last spring, I just didn’t feel good.  I’d get started in the morning, and by noon I’d feel like I had 50-pound weights on my

Patient finds comforting heart care during a stressful time

When Carlon Marshall’s car was hit head on by a drunk driver in 2014, the physical injuries were serious, but healed in time. The emotional scars lingered. “I felt a lot of anxiety and stress because of the accident, and between that and my physical injuries, I was off my feet for two-and-a-half months,” says

Reid physicians work as a team to restore patient’s heart health

Jim Mickschl was a picture of good health.  “I was working out four or five times a week,” said the 73-year-old, who lives in Connersville.  “I was able to do everything I wanted.” But Jim knew he had to keep an eye on his heart.  “I was born with a deformed heart valve, although I

Double Trouble: Greenville Man undergoes surgeries for heart, back problems

Richard O’Brien, age 70, enjoys staying busy and working outside. But one day in the spring of 2014, while doing yard work, Richard felt overcome by fatigue. Richard wondered if his heart could be causing the problem. For the last few years, he had been a patient of Henry Chong, M.D., a cardiologist with Reid

Atrial fibrillation treatment proves easy experience for patient

A walk in the park” and “like I was on vacation”— not words typically associated with a hospital stay. But those are the exact words Cynthia Stevens used to describe a recent experience at Reid Health. Cynthia, 58, has atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes a person’s heart to go out of rhythm. Medication helped,

March Madness heart attack leads to bypass surgery

March Madness can give any die-hard fan heart palpitations and high blood pressure. But when Howard Winstead was struggling to breathe during a University of Kentucky Wildcats game on TV, he knew something was seriously wrong. Howard was no stranger to heart problems. He had been on cholesterol medication for 15 years, and saw Reid

High heart scan score: ‘I thought it must be a typo’

The results of Max Marty’s CT Heart Scan were so bad that even his doctor wondered how they could be correct. Max had scheduled his heart scan after two friends experienced heart trouble. A perfect score is zero, indicating a very low risk for coronary artery disease. Max’s score? 2400. “I thought it must be a