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Constraint-induced movement therapy

What is constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT)?

Constraint-induced movement therapy is a highly effective treatment method for improving function for a child with hemiparesis, or impaired use of one arm. CIMT is supported by health institutions and research organizations for its benefits over conventional forms of therapy alone. With CIMT, a child's unaffected limb is casted to reverse the symptoms of learned non-use to increase movement of the affected limb during functional play and everyday tasks. Patients that participate in CIMT show improved ability to use both hands during desired everyday tasks.
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CIMT Camp 2022

Benefits of CIMT Camp

Children with hemiparesis often compensate for impairment in one of their arms by completing tasks one-handed. Left unaddressed, this unilateral approach to life will lead to permanent changes in brain development and decreased independence with life skills. Luckily, intensive outpatient CIMT is particularly effective in a camp setting.

Camp provides high-quality, intensive intervention of up to 40 hours of constraint induced movement therapy. A fun camp environment also increases the child's motivation through peer interactions, fun activities, and consistent encouragement and support. Children who participate in CIMT receive 1:1 attention from Reid Pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapists as well as quality time with peers.

CIMT Camp Intervention

Each CIMT movement practiced during camp is purposeful in developing function and will consistently be graded by the therapist to shape coordinated movement patterns & avoid compensatory movement patterns.

Skill areas performed during camp:

  • Reaching
  • Grasping
  • Motor planning
  • Bimanual skills
  • Sensation - Tactile discrimination (Stereognosis) and Body awareness (Proprioception)

2022 CIMT Camp Results

Campers completed pre and post testing to assess 6 different areas of upper extremity function. The 6 areas of function include:

  • Muscle tone (assessed via Modified Ashworth Scale)
  • Range of motion (assessed via Goniometry)
  • Strength (assessed via Dynamometer)
  • Coordination (assessed via Box and Blocks Test)
  • Stereognosis (assessed via Standardized Object Identification)
  • Function use & quality of use (assessed via the Assisting Hand Assessment)
At the end of camp, all campers measured as showing marked improvement in 4 of the 6 functional areas and 4 of 6 campers showed improvement in the two remaining functional areas.

Who qualifies for CIMT Camp?

  • Children 4 years-old and up

  • Have been diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injury.
  • Can walk independently without an assistive device
  • Can demonstrate the ability to open and close their fingers
  • Can follow directions
  • Can participate in camp activities for six full hours per day without a parent present
  • Are not subject to uncontrolled seizures

If you have specific questions regarding your child's eligibility for camp, please submit questions to

CIMT Camp 2023 will be held July 18-27. Application deadline is May 15, 2023.

Who qualifies for CIMT Camp?

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What to Expect with CIMT Camp

Casting process - CIMT requires a custom, removable rigid cast for the child's unaffected extremity, made here at Reid's Pediatric Therapy building.

The casting material will be wrapped onto the child's arm and safely cut off. The finished cast is padded on the inside, will have a soft edge lining, and will fasten with velcro straps. The cast spans from the upper arm to past the fingertips. This prevents the child from grasping objects while still allowing the arm to move for protective responses.

  • Cost: This specialized splint is billed to insurance, out of pocket costs vary per plan.
  • Time: The cast is created and removed within 5 minutes.
  • Method: Children may sit with their caregiver and play with a desired activity (ie. Book, Sensory toy, Ipad).

CIMP Camp 2022: Under the Sea

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