Mother-Baby Care Center

Our Mother-Baby Care Center – which carries prestigious “Baby-Friendly®” designation — is designed to make you feel comfortable with our home-like labor/delivery/recovery rooms. All rooms are private and include a spa-like atmosphere to help bring a sense of calm while you wait for the arrival of your little one. We also have sleepers in each of our rooms so dads or support people can stay close by.

IN_BDC-Maternity-Care-Logo-with-Footer_Reid-Hospital-and-Health-Care-ServicesReid is also equipped with a Level I Special Care Nursery. That means we are equipped to care for most babies who face problems at birth. Those requiring ventilator support or neonatal surgery will be transported to a Level III facility for more advanced care after they have been stabilized.


Family members won’t be the only ones celebrating when your little one finally arrives. Each time a baby is born at Reid, the family can announce their good news by playing a lullaby over the hospital sound system –  spurring smiles and exclamations of “Ohhhh.. another baby!” from many Reid team members.  “It’s a fun thing for the family and a great reminder to everyone at Reid about one of the most wonderful aspects of our mission in healthcare: playing a role in one of life’s sacred passages,” said Reid President Craig Kinyon.

New and expecting mothers receive educational mommy courses.

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