Family Birthing Center

Our Mother-Baby Care Center has been renamed as the Reid Health Family Birthing Center.

Why have we changed the name of our birthing unit?

The birth experience involves the mom, dad and baby, but is also a much broader experience that includes siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends – just look around any waiting room when there is a mom in labor to realize the new baby is usually at the center of a much larger community.

Our family birthing center recognizes that the birth of a new baby is truly a family experience and works to help prepare everyone by including them in classes and educational activities to help prepare for the baby. The inclusion of other family and friends has been found to also help new parents who are learning how to adjust to, and care for the addition to their family. These family members can help play an important role by being more involved in assisting and encouraging the new parents, understanding theirs and the baby’s needs, and providing a nurturing environment for the family.

We are a Baby Friendly® accredited organization with providers who truly care about you and your soon to be bundle of joy. Our Family Birthing unit also offers a variety of classes specific to childbirth, nutrition, breastfeeding, and many more to help you with every question you may have before, during, and after your pregnancy journey. At Reid Health, we really are right beside you at every milestone.

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