Get a Lung Scan

What is a lung scan?

Lung CTs (computed tomography) use special equipment to obtain multiple cross-sectional images of the lungs. CT produces images that are far more detailed than a conventional chest X-ray. CT scanning is considered to be a “patient-friendly” procedure because it involves relatively low radiation exposure and is not invasive. The Lung CT scan has become increasingly more useful as a tool to do an early screening for lung cancer. The earlier any cancer is detected, the better the chances for healing and recovery. The scan takes only about 15 minutes.

Who should have one?

If you are 55+ and are (or have been) a heavy smoker, have had no malignancies in the past five years and no chest scans for at least 18 months, a lung CT scan can be an important part of your wellness plan. Keep in mind, this is a screening and may NOT detect every form of cancer, but may be able to detect many issues at their earliest, most treatable stages.

How do I prepare?

You should dress comfortably but avoid any clothing in the chest area that has a zipper, snaps or jewelry, since metal objects may affect the CT images. Women should always inform their physician or the X-ray technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant.

How do I get results?

The patient  doctor receives a copy and the patient receives a copy of the report at home in one to two weeks.

How much does it cost?

Reid offers the lung scan at an affordable price of only $29.

How do I schedule?

Call Reid Central Scheduling, (765) 983-3358. You do not have to get a physician referral, and you can have results sent to the doctor of your choice.

Connersville appointments call: Whitewater Valley Imaging, (765) 827-8670