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Personal Training 

Take your goals to the next level 

Reid Health Personal Training allows you access to private 30 or 60 minute sessions with a highly trained Exercise Specialist. Sessions are by appointment and are entirely customized to your fitness goals. Learn proper form and technique, while also having a partner on your side to keep you accountable to your goals. Learn more about the benefits below.

Take your goals to the next level 


Fully Customizable Plan

Plans are fully customized to your goals and unique needs. One-size fits all fitness plans ignore the unique needs of every individual. Our highly trained Exercise Specialist will custom fit a plan - just for you!

More motivation, more progress!

    • Most individuals work better/harder in the presence of others.
    • Personal trainers can help set goals, encourage throughout the workout and help celebrate each accomplishment with you


    • Personal trainers help keep you accountable
    • You build a relationship with your personal training which helps you when you don't feel motivated to work out


    • Personal trainers help create a path for success.
    • There is a lot of information out there on what you should do, and personal trainers will make a plan that is better suited for you.


    • Beginning a workout journey can be very intimidating. Having someone that will guide you through the workout can alleviate those common fears

Injury prevention

    • Personal trainers are trained to make the workouts safe and effective. They make sure you are properly educated for every exercise and are right there with you throughout

Additional benefits

    • You get individualized attention
    • Personal trainers are able to modify and tailor workouts for specific medical conditions
    • Personal trainers can make the workouts fun

Personal Training Session Information

Where are sessions offered?: Offered both at Reid Health Athletic Training Clinic

How much does it cost?: $15 per 30 minute session, $30 per 60 minute session

How can I schedule my sessions? You can either fill out the form below or contact Reid Health Medical Fitness at (765) 935-8570.

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