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NEW Programs All Designed to Keep You Well 

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In efforts to making selecting classes easier, Reid Health Medical Fitness has reorganized class offerings under MoveWell Programs. This will allow for easier consideration of class selection, benefits, and sessions that best fit your schedule. As always, if there are questions about which class might be right for you, we're here to help.

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New name, same great class: Boxing (a MoveWell Program)

Reid Health Medical Fitness is constantly evolving so we can offer classes with your needs in mind. Baby Boomer Fight Club is now a part of our MoveWell Programs boxing sessions. You'll experience the same great atmosphere with your peers all taught by a Medical Exercise Specialist. Read about class details below!

Questions? We're here to help! 

If you have questions about which class might be right for you, we can help! Contact us to speak with staff who can help connect you with classes to meet your needs. 

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AM Class


  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • 3 class offerings: 9 - 10AM, 10 - 11AM, 11 - 12PM
  • $30 a month

PM Class

  • Open to individuals of all ages
  • Led by a Medical Exercise Specialist
  • 60-minute high-intensity interval training - whole body workout
  • Includes elements of boxing drills, but mixed with other fitness activities for full strength and cardio workout


  • Monday and Wednesday evenings
  • 2 class offerings: 5-6PM, 6 - 7PM
  • $30 a month

Functional Fitness

Class A

  • For those with Parkinsons that want to condition the body through strength, agility and stability exercises
  • Adaptive exercises available to meet all fitness levels
  • Led by a Medical Exercise Specialist
  • 60 minute high intensity exercise that includes: balance, dexterity, voice, gait training
  • Learn about the benefits of functional fitness


  • Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
  • 1-2PM or 2 -3PM
  • $50 a month

Class B

  • General population class
  • Exercises focused on balance, strength, and cardio respiratory fitness
  • Led by a Medical Exercise Specialist
  • High intensity interval training


  • Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
  • 3-4PM
  • $50 a month

Sample Class Structure for MoveWell Programs

  • 60-minute high-intensity training
  • Classes start with a 5-minute walk/warm-up
  • 10-15 minute stretching period
  • 40-45 minutes of exercises split into rounds (Ex: 5 stations with 4 rounds; each round being 1:30 of work and 20 seconds of rest with 1:30 to rotate stations)
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Benefits of boxing

Body in motion

  • Program emphasized gross motor movement
  • Strength - core and general
  • Muscular endurance
  • Balance
  • Footwork and agility
  • Movement accuracy and rhythm
  • Hand-eye coordination

Improves activities of daily living

Boxing favorably impacts range of motion, flexibility, posture, and gait, creating ease in normal day-to-day activities.

Even perfect for beginners!

Neither MoveWell program require any level of fitness to start. We focus on modifying any exercise for any fitness level.

Benefits of functional fitness

Well-rounded exercise routine

Functional Fitness works multiple muscle groups in each exercise - engaging many different muscle groups in one session.

Increased muscle mass for daily activities

Isolation exercises, through movement or machines, may help to build muscle growth, but they don't prepare individuals for activities they may do daily. Functional fitness helps prepare muscles that are used daily.

You will break a sweat!

You will be challenge in this class, but the challenges are tailored to your fitness level with available modifications. We can also accommodate wheel chairs, walkers, or other equipment.

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