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Taylor O'Dell Varied

Taylor O'Dell PA-C

Physician Assistant
4.6 out of 5
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Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint Center

1400 Highland Road Suite 1 Richmond, IN 47374


Monday: 8am - 5pm Tuesday: 8am - 5pm Wednesday: 8am - 5pm Thursday: 8am - 5pm Friday: 8am - 4pm

Practice Information

Reid Health Comprehensive Bone & Joint
1400 Highland Road Ste 1 Richmond IN, 47374-8810
(765) 935-8905
(765) 939-4200

Board Data

Board Certified
National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
Physician Assistant - Certified (PA-C)

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Taylor O'Dell Reviews

4.6 135
Jul 22, 2022

Listen to me and explains things so I can understand. Never rushing me off even though I was worked in. Thank you so much

Jul 20, 2022

I really enjoyed the treatment that I received from the medical assistant and Taylor. They have excellent personalities and were very kind.

Jul 13, 2022

They're awesome

Jul 1, 2022

Taylor was very caring toward me and really thorough. I was very impressed.

Jun 30, 2022


Jun 28, 2022

She was very nice and very informative!! I was very comfortable, was very pleased!

Jun 22, 2022

Everyone done an excellent job especially Amber, Sarah, and Taylor !!! I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing their type of help and assistance ? God Bless all of you and everyone there ? ??

Jun 21, 2022

Dr Taylor helped me understand my x-rays for my spine we came up with a good plan,I'm very happy with the Dr,she's great

Jun 16, 2022

She did a very good job and was Thurrell

Jun 15, 2022

Thank you for making it a good experience

Jun 10, 2022

Taylor was very sweet & concerned about my problem!

Jun 8, 2022

Excellent doctor very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jun 2, 2022

Ms. O'Dell was very thorough and took the time to actually listen to me and explain what was going on. She even walked me through the imaging so I understood my injury and the recommended treatment. She also let me know what she needed and the next steps involved. My daughter and I felt we could trust her with my care.

May 27, 2022

Great service, friendly, attentive to my concerns, and made me feel like family.

May 25, 2022

Thank you for outstanding care and a outstanding staff that truly care about you and are very professional

May 13, 2022

My only gripe was that I had to wait over 40 minutes to be called back to a room to meet with the Dr. I was 15 minutes early as I was asked to be. The rest of the visit went very well.

May 6, 2022

My PA was very attentive and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with my visit.

May 6, 2022

Staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable from the time I stepped in the building. I felt that I was in great care.

May 5, 2022

I appreciated Taylor O'Dell tremendously. The unexpected findings on my back/spine were upsetting only because I'm currently suffering hard after four bowel surgeries at Ball. The thought of addressing the spinal stenosis and bulging discs overwhelmed me, but the care and kindness of Taylor and all staff made my experience to that appointment much better.

May 4, 2022

recoving from back surgery

Apr 29, 2022

My situation in inoperable, just need relief from nerve pain.

Apr 29, 2022

Every was very polite and nice. I feel very confident I will.be treated good.

Apr 21, 2022

The people I was in contact with were all friendly and professional.

Apr 19, 2022

Helpful & all the staff was so nice & friendly.

Apr 8, 2022

Taylor was highly professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Apr 6, 2022

Very knowledgeable. Very kind. Answered my questions.

Mar 18, 2022

She is very easy to talk to and me feel very comfortable. Explained everything very well and even printed my x-ray pictures for me. Very kind of her.

Mar 11, 2022


Mar 8, 2022

I receive the majority of my healthcare at the Dayton VAMC, and they've been good to me. The care and compassion I received at Reid was exemplary! I've never had someone sit down with me & explain the results of my MRI. Admittedly, I had no clue what I was looking at, but she definitely did. Thank you for treating me so well!!

Feb 10, 2022

Every Reid employee I have dealt with has been awesome. Thank you for wonderful bedside manner and great customer service. God bless you all.

Feb 9, 2022

Taylor O'Dell was very informative and extremely helpful and nice and a very pleasant person.

Feb 8, 2022

Taylor is very good listener and cares about my health care. Very detailed and answered questions I had. She took time to explain things and not in a rush. Will follow up with another appointment soon.

Feb 8, 2022

I have been very satisfied with my care I have received from check in to the people getting me ready to see dr to sign out. They are very friendly and cheerful and helpful.

Feb 2, 2022

Treated very well . Loved the Dr

Feb 2, 2022

I was so happy with the care I received. I felt like all involved actually cared about me as a person, and not just a number. I definitely felt better emotionally as as well as physically when I left, than when I entered.

Feb 1, 2022

She is awesome

Jan 21, 2022

Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Jan 21, 2022

It took 45 minutes before I was taken to the the doctor's office. I was the first patient there, and the first in the inside waiting room.

Jan 18, 2022

Taylor was very professional, very thorough, well-versed in the spine and its conditions, very good at explaining and showing me my Xray and MRI, sincere about "treating the patient not the tests" and setting out stages of treatment options possible if needed. I left feeling much more informed and grateful for Taylor's help.

Jan 12, 2022

She was very thorough and very pleasant. I was very pleased with my visit.

Jan 11, 2022

My whole experience with my back surgery has been top notch. Amazing surgeon. Great patient care. Compassion and dedication.

Jan 11, 2022

PA O'Dell was professional and very detailed and thorough. Awesome job

Dec 29, 2021

Dr. Taylor is a wonderful addition to your staff. She is friendly, kind, and caring we need more doctors in the world like her. Thank you Dr. Taylor

Dec 21, 2021

Taylor was very compassionate regarding my pain & very informative regarding my post operation recovery.

Dec 21, 2021

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Dec 2, 2021

Taylor is wonderful! I have the utmost confidence in her.

Nov 23, 2021

The nursing staff were short-handed and had a hard time keeping on schedule with my medications also the hospital did not seem to be aware I was diabetic when the food was ordered

Nov 2, 2021

Taylor Odell was very kind and understanding I would recommend her to any!

Oct 21, 2021

Everyone was very professional just 40 minutes behind schedule.

Oct 8, 2021

when I have something serious wrong, I drive 42 miles to come to Reid drs and Reid Hospital. they are the best. There are knowledgeable, Kind, And very thorough.

Oct 8, 2021

Denny and Taylor did an excellent job listening to me and all of my concerns with my leg and back!

Oct 1, 2021

Taylor was great, she was thorough and took time to listen. I have no complaints

Sep 28, 2021

Great provider! Everyone very helpful and nice!

Sep 28, 2021

Dr. Taylor was very thorough. Very good visit well informed

Sep 24, 2021

Taylor is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around

Sep 22, 2021

Very professional and answered all my questions

Sep 22, 2021

I love Miss.Taylorfrom Dr Hellworths office.

Sep 21, 2021

Awesome NP!!

Sep 21, 2021

This provider was very personable, nice, and appeared to know what she was talking about.

Aug 31, 2021

To many leading questions, not asking for details, I am not a machine!!!!

Aug 24, 2021

I saw Taylor and she is so caring and listens to what I say! She is a sweetheart. Dr Hellsworth is a wonderful surgeon! I highly recommend him!!

Aug 24, 2021

Oh my God...Reid is just awesome!! I was able to get back surgery in a very timely manner with no issues. You guys ROCK!!

Aug 19, 2021

Went in to great detail, and explained everything thoroughly ...Great visit...