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Thomas Duncan Varied

Thomas Duncan DO

Obstetrics & Gynecology
4.7 out of 5
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Family Birthing Center Tour

Reid OB/GYN- Richmond

1050 Reid Parkway Suite 220 Richmond, IN 47374


Monday: 8:30am - 4:30pm Tuesday: 8:30am - 4:30pm Wednesday: 8:30am - 4:30pm Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Practice Information

1050 Reid Pkwy Ste 220 Richmond IN, 47374-1160
(765) 962-9541
(765) 966-5952
1475 E State Road 44 Ste 3 Connersville IN, 47331-0219
(765) 825-8686
(765) 827-8525
1154 S State Rd 1 Ste 1 Cambridge City IN, 47327-9513
(765) 478-6108
(765) 478-1243

Training & Education

Institution (City/State)
Mercy health Muskegon
07/01/2013 - 06/30/2014
Medical School
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
07/10/2009 - 05/18/2013
Mercy Health Muskegon
07/01/2014 - 06/30/2017

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Thomas Duncan Reviews

4.7 166
Mar 23, 2023

Dr. Duncan is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to! He addressed all my concerns and I would definitely recommend him to my friends/family!

Mar 20, 2023

A very nice and thoughtful Dr.

Mar 13, 2023

Dr Thomas Duncan is amazing

Mar 13, 2023

Dr Duncan was running behind today, but he was very nice.

Mar 3, 2023

Very kind and apologetic about the long wait. Made the experience much better.

Mar 1, 2023

They informed me of things and then made sure I understood. He was professional but also friendly. He made sure to try and make as comfortable as possible. I appreciated how informative they were and I didnt have to wait long. I was in and out.

Mar 1, 2023

Was very pleased with the medical advice, care, and concern Dr. Duncan and his nurse gave me. Would not hesitate to give the dr. And nurse high marks for all they did for me putting my fears to rest for what I was there for. I suggest Reid get more and more drs. And nurses of this of this high caliber.

Feb 20, 2023

This was my second visit with Dr. Duncan. He made sure the visit was about me and not just a number. Very nice and knowledgeable on his profession. Every question was answered and explained and didn't make me feel like I could only ask one question per visit! I have already recommended him to others and told them they wouldn't be disappointed. Thank you Dr. Duncan

Feb 15, 2023

I met with Dr. Duncan today for the first time, and I was blown away. I have had some rough experiences in the past with outside providers. For the first time I felt heard. He gave me more information about my situation than I ever had. I came to the appointment scared and nervous. I left feeling much better. I am so happy and hopeful for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so so much Dr. Duncan.

Feb 14, 2023

He's a great doctor

Feb 13, 2023

Dr. Duncan is hands down one of the best OB's I have ever met! Absolutely adored him and felt completely safe and heard. Definitely will be hopefully having him deliver my baby boy.

Feb 1, 2023

My doctor and his nurse was amazing friendly polite understanding didn't rush me along and was overall a great experience

Jan 25, 2023

Dr Duncan at the OBGYN is a great doctor. he listens to you he explains everything to you he's very nice and has a very good heart he really cares about his patients and I would definitely recommend him to my family and my friends

Jan 25, 2023

Dr Duncan was very thorough I feel that I am in good hands

Jan 18, 2023

I always feel heard and well taken care of at the Reid OBGYN office.

Jan 16, 2023

Good service & pleasant

Dec 29, 2022

I had a bad experience with an ultrasound tech at this appointment but my doctor was phenomenal and treated me with good care. I would never have that ultrasound tech again but I would 100% love to have this doctor again.

Dec 13, 2022

The only thing I'm upset about is I was prescribed nausea meds and my insurance wouldn't cover it and nobody has called me back to send a different prescription that my insurance would cover

Dec 12, 2022

Dr.Duncan I highly recommend! He is caring, compassionate, and kind. Thankful I chose him!

Dec 8, 2022

Thomas Duncan and the nurse who took care of me for my first visit with him as a care provider were both tremendously helpful, great listeners, and above all: Respectful. I have found it repeatedly difficult to get doctors to listen to and respect me, I get written off quite a lot, which is hurtful because I'm not an aggressive or difficult person. After a lifetime of searching for answers and feeling quite exasperated and like I'll never get help; Thomas Duncan changed that view for me in just a few moments. He came in and asked the right investigative questions about my concerns, which was soothing for my cognitive functioning issues, struggles with communication, and anxieties of not getting the proper help. He was very informative and respected that I too was informed. He Didn't play the "I'm a doctor so I know your body better than you could possibly" card - which I know by experience is hard to come by. The nurse, I wish I'd gotten her name, was super friendly and funny, we were joking and that helps makes me at ease, I'm very anxious at hospitals or with doctors because of awful past experiences. She was quick and kept up with my fast and ever chaotic adhd rambling, and when I apologized and told her I am trying to slow down but also trying to remember everything, she was just like "you're great! I'm keeping up, no worries" and that was really nice. Made me more assured and prepared for the doctor coming in. Usually I feel such a disconnect between the conversation with the nurse and the conversation with the doctor and am left confused and upset; not this time! After she left the room the doctor came in and the notes for discussion were properly laid out and I didn't have to try to rack my brain for a second time and worry about forgetting crucial info. In most of my experiences, because I definitely read my after visit summaries and chart info, the things I came in for aren't even notated or documented!! I'll come in thinking I'm having heart palpitations and smell burnt toast and slurring my words and they put "chief complaint: pt is concerned with gout" or some off the wall, unrelated stuff I most certainly did not say. I know it's wild that just basic human decency and professionalism is so hard to come by, so I really enjoy making it known and celebrated when I am helped properly and taken care of. Thomas Duncan is fantastic!

Dec 6, 2022

Location convenient. Competent personnel. Glad they are in Cambridge City.

Dec 5, 2022

The Staff was very helpful, courteous, and friendly. My first visit with Dr Duncan. Was very impressed with him.

Dec 5, 2022

Dr Duncan was very kind, patient and very thorough. He listened to my concerns, made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions and concerns. I appreciated his professionalism and knowledge as well as his level of concern for my care.

Dec 5, 2022

The nurse that did my OB ultrasound was amazing. So sweet and made us feel comfortable. I also seen Dr. Clemente and he was awesome as well. Answered all my questions and made sure I was taken care of. Great experience!

Nov 30, 2022

Dr. Duncan is an amazing provider and cares for each and everyone of his patients and their families! I couldn't have had a better doctor taking care of me!

Nov 29, 2022

Dr Duncan was very informative and answered all of my questions. He was kind and reassuring and took his time with me. This was my 1st time seeing him and I was impressed with his care.

Nov 23, 2022

Dr. Duncan actually listened to me after I had been to multiple doctors. He took the time to make sure I was educated on my diagnosis. His nurse Aubrey was extremely kind and makes sure you're comfortable.

Nov 18, 2022

Dr. Duncan is the best. He's welcoming without it being awkward. He asks questions to ensure he's being thorough. He's efficient & had me in and out quickly. I'm very lucky to have him as my doctor.

Nov 11, 2022

Dr Duncan is amazing! Aubrey, his medical assistant is also great. I feel so comfortable when I see them.

Nov 8, 2022

Dr. Duncan is the only provider I trust and feel heard by. He's very informative about any procedure and walks you through step by step

Nov 7, 2022

Dr Duncan always puts my anxiety of Doctor's offices at ease. His bedside manner is unmatched!!

Nov 4, 2022

I'd recommend Dr. Duncan to all my friends. He is a great Dr. With wonderful bedside manners

Oct 27, 2022

Great experience. This was my first visit to Reid Health. The provider was very professional, kind, patient and thorough. He answered all my questions. Also, schedulers and ultrasound tech did a great job. They were so friendly and helpful. I'm highly impressed with Reid and look forward to continuing my care there.

Oct 26, 2022

First time patient with Dr. Duncan and the appointment exceeded all expectations. Dr. Duncan and the nurse were both extremely friendly, helpful, informative and caring.

Oct 25, 2022

Great experience, everyone was very friendly and helpful. I arrived early and was taken back early. I was in and out quickly but had all the information I needed. The doctor listened and offered several options.

Oct 25, 2022

Every prompt and friendly staff

Oct 25, 2022

Dr. Duncan and his nurse were awesome! They listened to all my first time momma questions and concerns carefully and explained things in a thorough manner! I would highly recommend them to family and friends!

Oct 24, 2022

Made me feel comfort during the visit. Was very informative.

Oct 20, 2022

This was my first visit with Dr. Duncan. He was very professional and so kind. He made me feel comfortable and very thorough in his explanations about my condition. He took the time to answer my questions and gave me options to consider. I was very pleased with my visit and will definitely recommend him for anyone seeking OBGYN care.

Oct 17, 2022

I was nervous about seeing a male obgyn. I was also nervous to see a new provider. He really seemed to care and listen to what I had to say. I'm bummed I'm moving soon because i would make this provider my long term one if possible!

Oct 12, 2022

The entire staff was amazing. I called yesterday to make an appointment and they got me scheduled to be seen today. I hardly had a wait at the office, and each staff member was great. Dr. Duncan was friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable.

Oct 11, 2022

Dr. Duncan is absolutely the BEST doctor! He is so sweet, caring, and compassionate. Tiffany his nurse is amazing as well!! I have lots of doctors I have to see but going to an appt with Dr Duncan is actually an appointment that I don't mind at all to go to!! There needs to be more Dr. Duncan's out there.

Oct 11, 2022

Prescription was supposed to be sent to pharmacy. I called the next day and it still hadn't been sent in. By the end of the day it's still not been sent in

Oct 4, 2022


Sep 26, 2022

I was met with kindness and concern about my overall well-being.

Sep 26, 2022

Reid OBGYN has been hands down wonderful through the pregnancy and birth of my two boys and now my third pregnancy. Special shout out to Dr. Fagan and Dr. Duncan, I love both of them!

Sep 16, 2022

Doctor Duncan is the best OBGYN by far! Extremely compassionate and genuinely cares for all of his patients and their needs. My nurse, Felecia, was also very nice and I can tell she loves her job and helping her patients as well.

Sep 1, 2022

DR Duncan helped with any questions I had, he's a wonderful Dr! Would highly recommend!

Sep 1, 2022

Dr Duncan was very nice and listened to my concerns. He didn't make me feel rushed and was quite compassionate. It was a change from how some drs treat people. A nice surprise.

Aug 31, 2022

Dr. Duncan is the best doctor of any type that I have ever met.

Aug 30, 2022

This was a very difficult appointment for me and Dr. Duncan and the ladies all were so kind and understanding. I am so appreciative of the care they showed. I didn't feel like I was just another patient in a line of those needing to be seen and it really meant so much. Thank you.

Aug 30, 2022

Everyone was kind and professional. Great office and doctor.

Aug 25, 2022

Dr Duncan is friendly he is caring he listens and he answers any questions you have and I trust him with my well being I would recommend him to Every woman who needs help from someone who takes his time to help you understand what is going on that makes you feel bad and he is genuine and that is unique and hard to find in today's world.

Aug 18, 2022

Dr. Duncan has been and continues to be the most helpful doctor I've had

Aug 10, 2022

Dr Duncan has always made me feel comfortable with my pcos issues and after surgery he's helping my boyfriend and I to figure out a path to have a baby. I have health insurance but wasn't sure if I had it since I don't work in summer but he still saw me to help take care of me and that matters most.

Aug 4, 2022

Dr Duncan is awesome. Aubrey is a great MA. The checking in process was smooth. Keep up the great work.

Aug 2, 2022

I appreciate Dr Duncan and his concern for me. He validates who I am.

Jul 26, 2022

Dr. Duncan was superb. I am so relieved to have found a provider like him.

Jul 25, 2022

The dr was amazing but the nurse was rude and I felt like she rushed to do everything

Jul 25, 2022

Dr. Duncan was called out prior to my appointment time and I was not notified until I arrived for my appointment. I let them know I had an hour to be seen in because I was on my lunch and asked if I would be able to be seen during that hour. The office staff replied maybe. After waiting for an hour and a half (40 minutes of which was back in a room), I was still not seen by a provider. As soon as Dr. Duncan was called out the office should have called me to reschedule. I work on an appointment based schedule at work and if I'm out I am expected to contact my appointments and reschedule. This office should have done me the same courtesy.

Jul 22, 2022

Dr. Duncan was warm, friendly, and informative. Most importantly he took seriously my concerns. He listened to me and respected and validated my preferences for treatment.

Jul 13, 2022

Dr. Duncan was the nicest guy ever and so informative. I hope I get him for all of my OBGYN visits. He actually took the time to figure out the answer to my problems and explain everything in a way I can understand.

Jul 12, 2022

Very professional. Unexpected testing and he was very calm/informative. Medical assistants were excellent and caring.

Jul 12, 2022

Everyone was wonderful!

Jun 30, 2022

I love Thomas Duncan he is a wonderful ogbyn. caring an very understanding. An will break it don't for you if you don't understand something highly recommended.

Jun 27, 2022

Dr. Duncan is so kind. He is a true professional. He cares about his patients and their well being! I appreciate Dr. Duncan taking his time and listening to me!

Jun 1, 2022

Staff was not as efficient as telling doctor things I was emailing them about. Other than that I loved loved loved doctor

May 31, 2022

Very nice people

May 23, 2022

Will not see anyone but Dr Duncan.

May 17, 2022

Dr. Duncan is always great. He listens, responds with care, and makes always makes me feel comfortable and never rushed.

May 12, 2022

All staff friendly and professional. Very respectful of my time.

May 12, 2022

He was very nice and gentle. I hope that the medication he prescribed will take care of my concern and symptoms.

May 2, 2022

I love him! I haven't been comfortable with an obgyn before. He made me very welcomed. Answered my questions and my spouses questions!

Apr 29, 2022

Felt totally at ease ?

Apr 26, 2022

Really great Doctor very kind and listen well

Apr 26, 2022

Dr. Duncan was, as always, caring and all-around fantastic with my care. He takes his time to explain my care plan and always exceeds my expectations. I was very nervous this visit and he calmed me down immediately. But I'd really like to thank Tiffany his nurse for laughing with and caring for me. You are wonderful! Thank you again!

Apr 20, 2022

Staff are very friendly as well