Hospitalist Service

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a clinician who treats patients while they are hospitalized. Hospitalists are on site at Reid 24/7. A hospitalist who cares for you overnight is called a nocturnist. Reid Health has two nocturnists: Dr. MinhChau Ha and Laura Adams, NP.

Hospitalists copy reports and diagnoses to your primary care physician and consult with them as needed to determine the most appropriate plan of care for you. Upon your discharge, you’ll be referred to your primary care physician for continued care.

An Overview

Hospitalist physicians are on site 24/7.

  • The hospitalist service accepts direct admissions, transfers and patients requiring the consulting services of an internist.
  • Upon discharge, patients are referred to their primary care physician for continued care.
  • Patient and referring physician satisfaction surveys are conducted quarterly to improve our service.

The Communication Process

Referring physicians automatically receive an admission notification and a discharge summary.

Referring physicians may request additional communication from the hospitalist team throughout the patient’s stay and may specify their preference of specialist consultants for their patients.