Our Leadership

Behind every great hospital is a great team – those who work with patients day in and day out, and those who make the daily decisions of where the hospital is heading. But our decisions makers aren’t limited to just our leadership team and department leadership group, it also includes our governing board and a community member board, both of which add great value to the direction and quality of care we provide our patients.

We encourage you to pass along any ideas and areas for improvement to our leadership team. Your feedback is valuable and helps us continue providing our community with the very best of care.

Administrative Team →

Governing Board

  • Patrick Anderson, M.D.
  • Rohit Bawa, M.D.
  • Karen Clark, Ed D., RN
  • Jon Ford, Chair
  • Mark Harrington
  • Tom Hilkert
  • Greg Janzow
  • Craig Kinyon, President
  • Paul Lingle, 1st Vice Chair
  • Janet Meckley, M.D.
  • John McBride, Treasurer
  • Edith Perkins
  • Phillip C. Scott, D.O.
  • Alan Spears
  • Aleasia Stewart
  • Jim Tanner
  • Kathryn Cruz-Uribe
  • Bonita Washington-Lacey, Secretary

Community Board

  • David Stidham
  • Allan Rosar, Rosar & Associates
  • Robert Ramsey, CPA – Richmond Baking Company
  • Michelle Lovely – The Dayton Foundation
  • Sue Roberson
  • Porter Miller – Lingle Real Estate
  • Jeff Cappa – Wayne County sheriff
  • Kevin Ahaus – Ahaus Tools
  • Valerie Shaffer – Economic Development Corporation
  • Paul Rider, MD

Departmental Leadership

Medical Staff Officers

  • Andrew Deitsch, M.D., Chief of Staff
  • Jennifer Bales, M.D., Chief of Staff-elect
  • Joseph Clemente, M.D., Secretary