Humanity in Medicine

1983-Paul S_ Rhoads, M_D

Paul S. Rhoads, M.D.

The Reid Health Board of Directors established the Paul S. Rhoads, M.D. , Humanity in Medicine Award in 1983. This award was developed to acknowledge that Reid values humanitarianism in medicine and to honor special members of the medical staff.


Any physician recommended for the award must be a resident of Reid’s service area and demonstrate one or more of the following traits and achievements:

1.    Has combined commitment to clinical quality (in medical knowledge, discernment and practice) along with very genuine compassion, sensitivity and caring attitudes in dealing with patients, patient-families and colleagues.


2.    Has been a leader and/or initiator of programs and services resulting in improvement in quality-of-health or life within Reid’s service area.


3.    Has been consistently inspirational, encouraging and helpful to colleagues, hospital staff members, patients and others in efforts to prevent or to alleviate illness or injury, and to enhance quality of health care in our service area.

Past Winners