Corporate Health Solutions

Our Commitment to You

The mission of Reid Corporate Health Solutions is to assist in making the workplace safer and more productive. A healthy workforce is imperative for any employer to operate at peak efficiency. We recognize the needs of employers and have structured our services to treat employees quickly and, most importantly, to return injured employees to work in the shortest time possible.

Our Commitment to Your Business

We are committed to helping your employees stay safe and healthy by providing you with the resources that you need. From Pre-employment Screenings to OSHA training and Certification we have a wide range of programs for the employer that are offered through our Corporate Health Solutions. Corporate Health Solutions is Reid Hospital’s one stop shop for employers to address their employee health needs.

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  1. Wellness Services
    1. Well at Work Initiatives
      1. Onsite Health Screenings
      2. Customizable Initiatives
      3. Lunch & Learn Presentations
    2. Wellness Lifestyle Management
    3. Disease Education & Outreach
    4. Community Resources
    5. Diabetes & Nutrition Education
    6. Programs & Services
  2. Work Related Services
    1. Pre-Employment Screening
    2. Work Conditioning
    3. Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
    4. Ergonomic & Job Site Assessment
    5. Occupational Medicine
  3. Treatment of Work Related Injuries
  4. Osha Training & Certification
    1. Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support
    2. Heartsaver CPR/AED
    3. Heartsaver First Aid
    4. Bloodborne Pathogens


The Reid Wellness Department exists to assist companies, organizations and individuals in preventing disease and illness through preventive health/wellness. Programs and services range from onsite employee health screenings to custom designed initiatives to suit your population.

1.1 Well at Work Initiatives
Reid clinical/wellness experts will visit your organization to inspire your employees with wellness opportunities such as:

1.1.1 Onsite health screenings
Reid onsite health screenings are the first step in determining the health of your workforce and can help you determine what action steps to take to prevent the development of chronic disease.

1.1.2 Customizable initiatives

Looking for an initiative that is engaging, that will get your employees up and moving to start thinking more about their health? How about an initiative that involves points that are earned for doing monthly wellness activities? We can sit down with you to design a very engaging initiative to help facilitate change.

1.1.3 Lunch & Learn presentations*

Presentations are onsite at the location of your choice. All presentations are supported by PowerPoint and presented in a casual format that encourages interaction with the presenter. Employees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation. We understand that one size does not fit all, so choose from a variety of topics that address the top concerns of your organization (see the listing of current topics or contact the Wellness Dept. for additional topic requests).

* Boxed lunches can be provided by Reid Café at Twelve Hundred Catering for an additional cost per person.

Priced per presentation (1 hour each). Ask about price breaks for program packages

For more information, contact Tajuan Stoker, Wellness Director, at (765) 983-3086 or email

1.2 Wellness Lifestyle Management

The Wellness Lifestyle Management Program focuses on preventive care by providing a wide range of services for health plan members who have chronic disease processes, or have been identified as having moderate or high risk factors.

The Wellness Lifestyle Manager will provide the health plan member with the tools they need to manage their chronic disease process at home in the outpatient setting.

The Wellness Lifestyle Manager will assist the health plan member by focusing on:

    • Staying well Taking steps to prevent chronic diseases, staying educated about the wellness lifestyle and receiving annual wellness screenings to identify your risk of chronic disease.
    • Lifestyle health coaching/education programs If your screenings identify you as moderate or high risk for certain conditions, you will have the opportunity to participate in health coaching & additional health education programs.
    • Chronic disease management and education on specific chronic diseases Improve your quality of life while reducing your health care costs if you have a chronic disease by preventing or minimizing the effects of your condition.
    • Medical management This is a partnership with the primary care provider to assist in the medical management of the health plan member and communicate any changes in the medical condition and schedule follow-up appointments with the provider.
    • Readmission management If you are readmitted to the acute care setting, we will investigate and address any barriers that lead to the re-hospitalization, as well as assist in finding solutions to prevent re-hospitalization.

1.3 Disease Education and Outreach

The Wellness Lifestyle Manager will focus on the management and prevention of chronic conditions such as heart failure, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, pneumonia, and renal failure.

This is accomplished through the use of screenings, risk assessments, data analysis, claims reviews and participant education. Members may be contacted in person, by phone or e-mail to review these chronic health conditions and develop a customized plan of action and prevention to reduce gaps in care.

1.4 Community Resources

Health promotion and disease prevention are valuable tools in the detection and treatment of preventable illnesses and impairments. The Wellness Lifestyle Manager can provide assistance on how to access and use appropriate community health care services, prevent premature onset of disease, and help members strive to lead healthier, more productive lives.

This might include such community resources as wellness programs, diet and nutrition services, fitness and exercise, tobacco cessation, weight management and related support programs.

For more information, contact Tajuan Stoker, Wellness Director, at (765) 983-3086 or email


1.5 Diabetes & Nutrition Education

Reid’s Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center exists to help support physicians, businesses, and community members with educational needs specific to diabetes and nutrition.

The center consists of registered dietitians, nurses and diabetes educators who help patients understand how to successfully self-manage diabetes.

The team of registered dietitians also works with patients who want to manage or prevent chronic disease through nutritional management. This team has years of experience using behavior modification and motivational interviewing techniques to help patients reach their goals.

1.6 Programs and Services

  • Diabetes self-management classes: Reid offers a program certified by the American Diabetes Association. Designed to teach participants how to manage diabetes to prevent complications and costs associated with it, this program receives very high reviews by all participants who complete it. It is best delivered over several weeks to build on self- management skills taught during each class.
  • Participants are welcome to attend regularly scheduled evening and day classes at Reid, or Reid can provide onsite classes for groups of 10 or more.
  • Pre-diabetes classes: Reid offers pre-diabetes classes that are based on the Diabetes Prevention Program results that yielded a 58% reduction in participants developing diabetes after a diagnosis of Pre Diabetes. This program is provided for a nominal cost and may be completed easily at the worksite or in Reid’s Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center.
  • Nourish You Classes: Weight management is the foundation to the prevention of chronic disease and work place injuries. Our 16 week weight management program is led by Registered Dietitians trained in Adult weight management. The program is about lifestyle change vs trendy or fad diets. This program is best delivered in a group setting of 12-15 people. It can be delivered at the worksite or in a community group at Reid.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Sometimes people need the assistance of a one on one appointment with a Registered Dietitian (RD). The RD’s at Reid help clients when they have needs in the areas of lipid management (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides), gluten (celiac) intolerance, food allergies, weight management, disease prevention, etc. These appointments are delivered at Reid in the privacy of a one on one appointment.

For more information contact:
Christie Ferriell, Manager, Diabetes & Nutrition Education & Clinical Nutrition
(765) 983.3423 or email:


2.1 Pre-Employment Screening

Our staff provides pre-employment testing for businesses. A pre-employment screening can be an off-the-shelf test of general abilities, or a specific test designed to emulate the demands of a particular job more closely. Custom test designs are based on a work site assessment of your facility.

2.2 Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is a service we offer patients who have sustained serious or long-term debilitating injuries and have been off work for an extended period. In these situations, a person might not be able to return to their job due to decreased physical activity tolerance. This service moves the person through a series of steps that simulate the physical demands of their job and increases their functional tolerance to the level necessary to return to work.

2.3 Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed at our Richmond clinic to determine functional activity tolerance. A variety of activities are tested to determine the patient’s functional abilities and limits. This test helps to determine if an individual is able or unable to perform a job or return to job-related activities. FCEs can last up to 4½ hours.

2.4 Ergonomic & Job Site Assessment

Poor working environments can place undue stresses on the body and lead to injury. By looking at your work environment’s ergonomics, we can assess work areas and recommend modifications to prevent or reduce on-the-job injuries.

Our ergonomic and job site assessment model provides research, education, and planning. We will investigate the physical demands placed on employees, identify specific risk factors, and make recommendations for improvement. We also offer advice and information on the selection of appropriate ergonomic products.

2.5 Occupational Medicine

The mission of Reid Occupational Medicine is to assist in making the workplace safer and more productive. A healthy workforce is imperative for any employer to operate at peak efficiency.

We recognize the needs of employers and have structured our services to treat employees quickly and, most importantly, to return injured employees to work in the shortest time possible.

Services include:

    • Work-related injury care, including emergencies
    • Post-offer employment physical exams
    • CDL physical exams
    • Return-to-work exams
    • Audiometric studies: CAOHC certified staff
    • Vision screening: visual acuity and color vision
    • Random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing (multiple options available upon request)
    • Pulmonary function testing
    • Respirator fit testing
    • Lift tests
    • Immunizations (hepatitis B, tetanus, influenza)

We also provide you with after-hours, weekend and holiday backup through the Emergency Department, 24-hour radiology, lab and subspecialty support.

For information, call Randi Whitesel, (765) 983-3446 or email


Reid Orthopedics offers specialized care in all areas of orthopedics, including the treatment of work-related injuries.

Visit Reid Orthopedics Center for more information on services offered.

For more information, call Patrick Murray at (765) 935-8905 or email


The team at the Reid Innovation Center is available to teach the following classes:

4.1 Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support:

This course is designed for healthcare providers such as staff in acute care facilities, extended care facilities, Dr’s offices, EMT’s and home care agencies.

    • Learn CPR skills for victims of all ages with practice in a team setting
    • Learn how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
    • Learn how to relieve choking

4.2 Heartsaver CPR/ AED

This is a layperson’s CPR course. It is designed for anyone that would like to learn CPR including teachers, daycare staff, and first responders in companies.

    • Learn when CPR is needed
    • Learn how to give CPR to an adult (child and infant CPR is optional)
    • Learn how to use an AED
    • Learn how to resolve choking

4.3 Heartsaver First Aid

The Heartsaver First Aid course is designed for anyone that would like to learn basic first aid including first responders in companies and daycare staff.

    • Learn first aid basics.
    • Learn how to respond when the adult victim is choking, having an allergic reaction, heart attack, fainting, low blood sugar, stroke, seizure and shock.
    • Learn how to stop bleeding, provide first aid for broken bones, sprains and burns
    • Learn how to give first aid for bites, stings, heat, cold, and poison related emergencies.

4.4 Bloodborne Pathogens

This course teaches employees how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood containing materials. This course is designed to meet OSHA annual requirements when used with site-specific training.

Classes are taught by Shara Short, BSN, RN, AHA Training Center Coordinator, AHA Training Center Faculty for BLS, 6 years as an AHA instructor. Classes may be held at your place of business, at Reid Hospital, or combination of on-line and on-site.

For more information, call Shara Short at (765) 935-8819, or email