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Wendi Shaffmaster Varied

Wendi Shaffmaster NP-C

Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
4.7 out of 5
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Ball State University

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Wendi Shaffmaster Reviews

4.7 247
Jun 24, 2024

I appreciate my provider. She does an outstanding job. She listens and has compassion for her clients.

Jun 19, 2024

Timely and helpful

Jun 10, 2024

Everyone was excellent and very helpful friendly didn't act like they were in a hurry to get out of the room

Jun 10, 2024

Wendi Shaffmaster is the best! I travel 40min to see her...because she is one of the best! Very knowledgeable, intelligent and caring. Thank you!

May 29, 2024

She explained everything to me in terms that I could understand. Very helpful

May 21, 2024

Great first impression. Gave me plenty of time to explain my symptoms and thoughts. Left with a game plan.

May 20, 2024

Wendi is a great doctor.she always puts a smile on my face.

May 20, 2024

I think she is a great person and l wish she could be my primary N/P

May 20, 2024

I find their office very efficient and personable.

May 17, 2024

My doctor is the best. Takes care of all my needs

May 9, 2024

Wendi is very down-to-earth and very approachable and easy to understand.

May 8, 2024

Very comfortable in speaking any concerns. Brooke and Wendy were both very curious and informative.

May 7, 2024

Wendy is a awsome caring dr and and even better human being .Staff was awsome nurse was very sweetand caring

May 6, 2024

Very professional, caring people

May 1, 2024

The dr is always in an upbeat mood and makes you feel good. I always feel better when I leave then when I go in.

Apr 30, 2024

She made me comfortable and remembering things about me from years ago and she makes you smile and that's what people needs

Apr 29, 2024

Time she spends on you

Apr 29, 2024

I just love Wendi Shaffmaster she is so awesome

Apr 26, 2024

she was very knowledgeable and down to earth. the MA Kristen P was amazing as well

Apr 22, 2024

Wonderful office - NP AND staff! I often have anxiety when I see a medical professional. These people put all fears to rest. Thank you for a pleasant visit.

Apr 22, 2024

Wendy Shaffmaster is excellent. My only concern is that I called the office on a Tuesday regarding concern with my CPap machine. No one had called me back by Thursday afternoon to let me know of I needed an appt or what, so I called back. I was told I needed to come in to see Wendy.

Apr 17, 2024

Great care explain everything in a manner which I could understand

Apr 16, 2024

Wendi Shaffmaster was great, and she had a lot of information for me that I think will help. Brooke the MA was very kind and caring. Halley at the front desk was very kind and efficient. They seemed like a great team!

Apr 15, 2024

Everyone is very helpful and professional

Apr 15, 2024

Love Wendi,she is the best!!

Apr 11, 2024

Never have a problem with my appointments with Wendi! I look forward to my visits and feel she understands what I'm going through.

Apr 9, 2024

It was my first visit with Wendy and Brook, both were just lovely.

Apr 9, 2024

She was most kind and she listened. She didn't blow us off like some do. The young lady at front desk was kind and greeted us with a smile, the same with the young lady that took vitals.

Apr 9, 2024

Sales people should not be allowed before patients.

Apr 1, 2024

I trust Wendi Shaffmaster completely

Mar 28, 2024

Very friendly staff !!!! That means a lot to me !!!!

Mar 27, 2024

W Shaffmaster is a very good physician. She helps me a lot and she's very caring about my health. I trust in that and I trust in her.

Mar 26, 2024

I was very pleased with how smooth everything went. Good people.

Mar 26, 2024

She was very forward in the information that she gave us and very helpful in trying to get me the help that I needed and what I needed to do.

Mar 20, 2024

Wendi Shaffmaster is just the best! She has greatly improved my quality of life!

Mar 20, 2024

The staff are quick to help and support with my appointments

Mar 19, 2024

The staff are very nice and friendly and professional. Answered my questions and made me feel comfortable. Wendi is awesome, she goes above and beyond. And she cares about patients. I couldn't ask for a better doctor or staff.

Mar 18, 2024

My experience was very informative. Relaxed. Friendly and professional.

Mar 14, 2024

I was told to pickup a test for oxygen saturation and I get to the department and was told I was misinformed and needed to contact central scheduling. Then I contact scheduling and was told the test was ordered externally. She would have to msg my doctor to get it changed and then I would be contacted to schedule the test. Frustrating to receive conflicting information.

Mar 12, 2024

It was awesome and in and out in a timely manner.

Mar 8, 2024

Wendi Shaffmaster is the greatest. She's a great doctor.

Mar 8, 2024

The visit was great. I was made to feel like I was the only one there and my health were the number one concern. Love all those guys.

Mar 7, 2024

Make sure the answering service gives them there messages

Mar 6, 2024

Having to adjust to new Dr I am so uncomfortable with, but with Wendi ,from our first visit ,I knew she was a good choice,,she listens and reacts ,and resolved all my issues, it's less then a year later I'm completely comfortable and at ease ? with her as my Dr, lol first dr that I didn't seek another opinion, Impressive for me ,I'm a awful patient ? LMAO.thank u Wendi Shaffmaster,

Mar 5, 2024

This was my first time seeing Wendi Shaffmaster and she was very pleasant. She took her time with me and explained everything in detail. Definitely walked away feeling very confident in her as a physician.

Mar 4, 2024

very pleased

Feb 28, 2024

Very interested in patient's health. Friendly and compassionate

Feb 28, 2024

Wendy is always good. She listens to me and has helped me a lot. I would be upset to lose her as my nurse practi.

Feb 27, 2024

Wendi was very helpful today. She knew about my condition and I didn't have to go through a lot of explaining. I'm weak and not able to talk a lot. She ordered all the test that I needed. She is also trying to help me get a few things that I need. A new nebulizer, shower chair and a portable oxygenated one. Mine are very old and heavy. It limits what I can do. I'm very happy with Wendi!!!

Feb 22, 2024

it's all good

Feb 21, 2024

Still can't get my test she ordered because of Reid. Stop buying property and be focused on patient care.

Feb 21, 2024

I felt she was throu and direct.

Feb 19, 2024

Dr Wendi Shaffmaster is literally The Best of the Best. She don't just look at your chart when you walk through the door she knows all about you before she walks to the door. She even called me out that I have not needed an Z-Pak or any steroids this entire year how good I've been doing lately and that stinks to her hard work and dedication. I appreciate her so much

Feb 15, 2024

Great visit

Jan 29, 2024

I absolutely appreciate my Ried care team.

Jan 24, 2024

I have always been treated with utmost respect during my visits. All of my questions are always answered in a way that I understand. I am very satisfied with my provider.

Jan 23, 2024

One of the worst Dr. visit in a long, long time. She was rude. She basically made me feel like she didn't believe what I told her, because she didn't have the history and diagnosis of my condition. I will find another Pulmonologist to go to.

Jan 17, 2024

Good job she listen to me and what happen in my life daily

Jan 16, 2024

It was my first visit to c the pulmonologist, addressed my illness & ordered test! She was very nice & asked questions!

Jan 16, 2024

I really like seeing female practitioners because they give you so much more info than men! This group of women were wonderful!

Jan 15, 2024

Everyone was sooo nice and friendly. Its always wonderful to see smiles and very friendly talk.

Jan 11, 2024

Everyone was fantastic, as always.

Jan 11, 2024

Wendi makes me feel like I'm the only person in her life who matters. Wendi Is excellent at her job!

Dec 28, 2023

She took care of me and she give me time to talk to her thank you

Dec 20, 2023

Wendi is personable and informed. She knows me and chats about my conditions while listening carefully. I think of her as a medical friend.

Dec 7, 2023

I liked that she listen to me & address my needs

Dec 7, 2023


Dec 6, 2023

My concerns were listened to and I felt valued

Nov 30, 2023

Very friendly and caring.

Nov 28, 2023

She's a dynamite doctor

Nov 21, 2023

Both of them took all the time I needed to discuss my condition, treatment, and options. I was extremely pleased with the visit.

Nov 20, 2023

I always have a good experience when I go to Reid Pulmonary and see Wendi Shaffmaster.

Nov 20, 2023

Has offered no treatment. Prescribed inhalers that I told her hasn't worked. No treatment only told me I wasn't 25 anymore.

Nov 17, 2023

Could had been no better are been any nicer are more concerned about the patient

Nov 13, 2023

We talked about authorization of receiving a new C-PAP machine. It was my understanding that I was to receive a call from someone to get that started. It has been almost a month and no calls from anyone. The breakdown could be the DME provider, but I really have no idea.

Nov 13, 2023

She explain in words I understand very nice person

Nov 8, 2023

I feel completely comfortable with all of my Reid providers. They seem to care, they listen, and they are willing to laugh with you. They make you feel like you truly matter.

Nov 7, 2023

Wendi makes me want to get healthier she gave me inspiration

Nov 6, 2023

Wendi and her staff are great people.

Nov 6, 2023


Nov 1, 2023

She is so thoughtful and thorough, I always feel like I got the best treatment after she is finished. I wouldn't want any other doctor.

Oct 11, 2023

Very kind and helpful.

Oct 3, 2023


Oct 3, 2023

She did more and explained more than my previous doctor did in the many years I went to him

Sep 27, 2023

Awesome experience

Sep 27, 2023

Everyone was very friendly from the receptionist, assistants and Wendi, I always know when I have an appointment I will be treated great. Awesome group

Sep 27, 2023

She so very nice

Sep 13, 2023

Glad it was local. NP was very caring.

Sep 6, 2023

all employees are very accommodating and pleasant

Sep 5, 2023

Everyone was professional and understanding.

Aug 30, 2023

Am very satisfied with my care at Reid Health.

Aug 30, 2023

She is amazing and very helpful.

Aug 29, 2023


Aug 23, 2023

Wendi takes time with me and listens. She is very helpful. She goes the extra mile to help me.

Aug 22, 2023

It was nice to find out from a new doctor I was diagnosed with asthma in 2011 and never told! Finally a doctor that cares

Aug 17, 2023

I wanted. To get started. But can't see her for more then a 3 months.

Aug 8, 2023

Wendi was exceptional. I do need her to request my records from my previous Pulmonologist

Aug 1, 2023

Dr. Shaffmaster listened and is getting me some more tests and pulmonary rehab to help improve my condition.

Jul 26, 2023

She is very knowledgeable about conditions as mine. Very polite

Jul 25, 2023

I was seen very quick and was not rushed with any of my concerns or questions. Mrs. Shaffmaster is great! All the personnel very nice and helpful.

Jul 25, 2023

Try to be more on time with appt. Waited 1 hour in exam room.

Jul 25, 2023

Yes was very friendly, and listen to me and I really appreciated that.

Jul 19, 2023

Very pleasant visit everyone seem to know exactly what they were doing will recommend you to everyone thank you