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Kaitlyn Ervin Varied

Kaitlyn Ervin NP-C

Nurse Practitioner
4.6 out of 5
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Reid Health Urgent Care - Richmond
1501 Chester Blvd Richmond IN, 47374-1914
(765) 935-1905
(765) 935-1910
2507 Chester Blvd Space B Richmond IN, 47374-1105
(765) 935-8877
(765) 939-2761
1475 E. State Road 44 Suite 2 Connersville IN, 47331-0218
(765) 825-8686
(765) 827-8525
1100 Reid Pkwy Richmond IN, 47374-1157
(765) 935-8807
(765) 983-3219

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Kaitlyn Ervin Reviews

4.6 78
Mar 18, 2020

They could not treat me. Gave me medicine didnt need and still had to visit the ER. I was not recommended to go there and should have been. The bathroom in the Lobby needed cleaned.

Mar 6, 2020

I booked my appointment online through Mychart app I was checked in quick and copayment was done very quickly! I was called back and taken care of very well. I felt the provider explained everything to me and made sure I was happy with the solution and the medications.

Feb 2, 2020

Overall~ the visit went well. Upon arrival the receptionist at the Meijer clinic told me there would be around an hour wait. I had her check my husband and I in and I ran home to grab my husband and daughter. We were back within 45minutes. When we returned~ she had headphones in and seemed to ignore us as she told me that when we got back to just have a seat since we were already checked in. (We were the only ones in the lobby when we got back). After waiting a few minutes~ I went up to the window to double check that she still had everything they needed. She finally took her headphones out of her ear and told me "we didn't think you were coming back." Then told me that she would check us back in. At that time she didn't bother to tell me that they refunded my copay already~ I found out through an email~ and she didn't ask me to pay it again. She shut the window and put her headphones back in. I usually don't have complaints~ but this visit was frustrating.

Jan 27, 2020

I have never had a provider call me the next day to see if I was ok. I was not treated like a criminal because I have an ear infection.

Jan 24, 2020

All staff members at Reid Urgent care were courteous and professional.

Jan 19, 2020

I have always been very satisfied with my experience at Reid walk in. I am always treated professionally and with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Jan 19, 2020

Been there twice great care

Dec 31, 2019

Great experience!

Dec 29, 2019

Great walk in clinic. Was treated well

Nov 22, 2019

Kaitlyn was professional~ friendly and immediately took care of my sinus issue.

Nov 10, 2019

The Dr and NP were exceptional

Nov 4, 2019

Everyone from the front desk to the back office to the provider were top notch!!! I was very satisfied with my visit and the personal attention to my needs were met. Thank you. Thank you

Oct 6, 2019

I arrived to Reid Ready walk in clinic just 30 min prior to them closing. They were very courteous and understanding of my situation. I was seen by the provider in less than 10 min after arriving. I felt that the staff genially cared and provided excellent care.

Sep 22, 2019

It was a quick visit with clear and concise communication. This is perfect for me because it was the first time I've been to the doctor in a few years. That being said~ see you in a few years!

Sep 9, 2019

Provider called me at home three days later to see if I was better. Than called in a different antibiotic when she heard I was not improving. I was shocked!

Sep 3, 2019

Urgent Care was unable to perform a scan~ for what turned out to be appendicitis~ but I was provided with papers to refer me to ER at Reid Hospital

Aug 25, 2019

Very quick and helpful

Aug 18, 2019

They were quick to get me in and the nurse I had was very friendly.

Aug 5, 2019

Staff was very friendly and accomodating.

Aug 4, 2019

We like the care at Reid Urgent Care but the billing is almost always wrong. This is the largest anxiety when visiting a medical provider and most likely deters most people from utilizing the service. The billing accuracy is as important as the care when it comes to earning the trust of your patients.

Aug 4, 2019

Excellent treatment by Reid Urgent Care Main staff from the time I approached the receptionist to my treatment by K. Ervin.

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Reid Health
1100 Reid Parkway
Richmond, IN 47374
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