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Jayson Hartman Varied

Jayson Hartman PA-C

Physician Assistant Certified (PA-C)
4.4 out of 5
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Butler University

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Jayson Hartman Reviews

4.4 135
Jan 19, 2024

Very good bedside manner and showed care.

Jan 19, 2024

He was very nice and you could tell he really cares

Jan 18, 2024

I was really impressed. Very nice, caring staff.i felt like I recieved accurate information about my situation when I left .I feel very positive about the future with them also.?

Jan 16, 2024

Jay Hartman listens and thorough. Personalization to me and what is best for me.

Jan 9, 2024

Knowledgeable, professional, caring service

Jan 9, 2024

We received excellent care, thank you to Jill for being so amazing and working us in & the nurses & Dr. J for being so kind & helpful & Jessica for being so gentle helping daddy. We are so grateful for our visit today, thank you

Dec 26, 2023

I was told nothing, except for my x-Ray looked normal, I was the same age as the doctor, and he had to get up in the middle of the night to stretch. He sent me to physical therapy, which has been great, but will cost me more money. I'm curious as to why he couldn't tell me how to stretch. Our health system is really messed up!

Dec 26, 2023

He was really good about just talking out what was going on, showing me with pictures too

Dec 21, 2023

No complaints whatsoever

Dec 21, 2023

I felt a bit anxious about my condition. I was reassured that I wasn't going to be paralyzed.

Dec 19, 2023

Hailey the M.A. was great,her personality was so bubbly and cheerful.

Dec 7, 2023

Everyone was very professional and friendly. I felt so much better after my visit. My issues were explained so I could understand.

Nov 21, 2023

The physicians assistant, Jay Hartman, was thorough and professional. He put me completely at ease, explaining everything in detail and answering my questions to my satisfaction.

Nov 16, 2023

Very efficient appt

Nov 14, 2023

Good job

Nov 7, 2023

No comment, this was a pre - surgery visit.

Oct 31, 2023

My experience was fine, the only real problem I had was making the initial appointment. It took several phone calls and almost a week to get it set up.

Oct 19, 2023

I really feel like the Dr. listened to me and truly cares about what is best for me AND when I told him that I wanted 2 opinions and he then went so far as to help get me an appointment with another doctor ,WE really liked the doctor a lot and he made sure that we understand what has to be done ! " THANK YOU for such AWESOME doctors !"

Oct 17, 2023

I was very pleased with the time he took with me and the thorough solutions he offered.

Oct 10, 2023

Great people to work with and friendly

Sep 21, 2023

All good

Sep 21, 2023

Top notch team and experience. Hayley the MA is a constant source of positive energy. Front desk staff welcoming and efficient. Jay was very personable. His treatment plan produced immediate relief to sudden onset, debilitating back pain. You can tell this practice is ran by excellent leadership at top.

Sep 21, 2023


Sep 21, 2023

They were all very kind .

Sep 19, 2023

They were very knowledgeable and explained things very clearly.

Sep 19, 2023

I have always had great experiences with Reid Health. Actually, they saved my life so I guess that about says it all.

Sep 7, 2023

I have never been treated in such an insulting manner. This provider is definitely not a good fit to work with seniors and pain. He only spent about 5 minutes into the appointment, when he chuckled and accused me of being drug seeking. He failed to listen to what I was attempting to say and made his own conclusions. He dismissed what I told him about what I was given in the ED until he checked the record to see that I was correct. He simply said that he had never prescribed that as if it were poor choice by the ED Dr. He said that I shouldn't have been sent to Ortho...there were other places I could have been referred. He left me with little choice. He did order another round of prednisone. Then added that he could order an MRI if I wanted, but it would take a few weeks to get it approved and then scheduled. It was my understanding that Medicare didn't require this approval. When I asked about an injection, he again assumed I was drug seeking until I was able to get through to him that I was speaking of of a steroidal joint injection that had been discussed as a possibility in the ED. I was told they do not do that at their facility. That would be done at Pain Management, yet no referral was to be made. All I wanted was for someone to help me manage this pain. I have never before experienced this level of pain and I was seeking whatever form that help might take. I was treated disrespectfully and insultingly particularly when he chuckled as he asked if I was requesting drugs. This was appalling to me. He should never be be treating geriatric patient with pain. Fortunately for me, I was accompanied to this appointment by my husband who is a retired Family Physician. I myself am a retired RN. Neither of us is a stranger in the Medical field. We both found this appointment troubling in many ways. I sincerely hope that this situation is addressed in an appropriate manner.

Sep 7, 2023

They are wonderful and kind and very professional

Sep 7, 2023

Very professional & efficient staff with excellent care from Jay

Sep 5, 2023

It was a great experience

Sep 5, 2023

Jay explained everything very well and seemed very knowledgeable.

Aug 24, 2023

Jayson explained what was going on with my pain. I finally got answers for why I was hurting. Now I can relax and concentrate on my recovery.

Aug 17, 2023

He was a great nurse practitioner

Aug 8, 2023

Thank you for your kindness and help

Aug 2, 2023

Everyone was personable and knowledgeable.

Aug 1, 2023

Everyone is friendly and the environment was clean. Nurses were very knowledgeable, and spoke to me with professionalism & respect.

Jul 28, 2023

Very nice staff seem to be very caring

Jul 21, 2023

I didn't like the way my face was burnt I didn't like the way they did not have my medicine ready for me they declined in my medicine I was very upset when I started off with them I thought he was a okay but when I ended up nope I didn't like it at all. I just I will not recommend him to no one. Lot of pain still on a lot of pain there's nothing that can be done crazy huh.

Jul 20, 2023

He seemed rushed and once I was not a candidate for surgery he was done with me.

Jul 18, 2023

Jayson is a great doctor

Jun 27, 2023

I had no problems. Everyone was very polite and professional.

Jun 26, 2023

I think prescription prices are to high especially when insurance won't pay for higher doses of the same drug. Maybe doctors should be aware of pharma practices and prices. I really do like the doctors though they make me feel comfortable.

Jun 20, 2023

Jayson is apparently intelligent and well-educated, and definitly polite and well-spoken.

Jun 20, 2023

This was my 1st visit at any Reid provider and Dr.Hartman was perfect explained stuff and to be honest had a appointment scheduled with kettering Orthopedic and canceled that appointment after speaking with Dr.Hartman i feel like i trust him with what he had to say!!!!

Jun 13, 2023

Very professional. I was impressed with my whole visit.

Jun 13, 2023

was treated very well by reception and staff and doctors

Jun 2, 2023

I so appreciated from the time I checked to the process all the way through everyone was so helpful and kind they listened to what I had to say gave me hope that they can help me eliminate and treat me in a manner so I can not be in pain everyday that I can have a better quality if living I'm very thankful

Jun 1, 2023

Read health has done nothing but make my life miserable the only reason my children and I come to read for anything is because you have monopolized Wayne county and the surrounding counties when I find a new primary care physician outside every which I am currently looking for I will be moving my primary care physician now is Dr bandari I cannot stand her she yells at me she's horrible bedside manner all of the staff is horrible the only good person you have in your staff is xxx

Jun 1, 2023

Went for a pain shot got xray instead told need appointment for mri ,at least 2 more trips. Will see if can live with the pain

May 19, 2023

The nurses and Dr Hartman treated me with respect and caring. They also answered all my questions. They did an awesome job !!!

May 2, 2023

I've been looking for a answer for five years, I believe my MRI I had did provide the answers and they brushed it off to needing to go find a chiropractor which I've already seen off and on for years. Complete waste of my time coming to this office.

Apr 27, 2023

He seems to be a good doctor but we are still trying to figure out what's wrong so I don't know right now first visit

Apr 21, 2023

First visit and I was extremely satisfied.

Apr 11, 2023

Dr. Hartman was really nice and very informative about what to do next.

Mar 31, 2023

I am FINALLY looking forward

Mar 28, 2023

Dr. Hartman has the BEST bedside manners in a doctor that I've seen in a long time.

Mar 23, 2023

It was the best medical help I have received in a long time the service I received from the doctors nurses and staff did an excellent job and I am very grateful to my surgeon and everyone involved with making me better thank you all

Mar 23, 2023

Everything went well

Mar 23, 2023

I am very happy with the provider and all staff members. I was able to get in for an appointment very quickly and all my test results were in for review.Could not ask for better treatment.

Feb 28, 2023

Dr and nurse was great.

Feb 28, 2023

Extremely nice and friendly