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Thomas Grayson MD

Surgery- General
4.7 out of 5
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Practice Information

General Surgeons
1050 Reid Parkway Suite 120 Richmond IN, 47374
(765) 962-6053
(765) 935-7401
1380 Chester Blvd. Richmond IN, 47374
(765) 983-3302
(765) 983-7916
1475 E. State Road 44 Suite 3 Connersville IN, 47331-0219
(765) 825-8686
(765) 827-8525

Training & Education

Institution (City/State)
University of Louisville School of Medicine (Kentucky)
01/01/1994 - 01/01/1998
University of Louisville School of Medicine (Kentucky)
01/01/1993 - 01/01/1994
Medical School
Washington University School of Medicine (Missouri)
01/01/1990 - 01/01/1993

Board Data

Board Certified
American Board of Surgery

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Thomas Grayson Reviews

4.7 58
Apr 19, 2019

Have had contact with the pre-operative staff~ but not with Dr. Grayson.Dr. Grayson said he was going to look at my records to ascertain additional background on my history with Reid.

Mar 17, 2019

Special appreciation to "Phillip" who was my pre and post op nurse. He made a big difference in my level of fear. He was calm~ informative~ and reassuring.

Mar 10, 2019

This was my first visit to this practice and this provider. Dr Grayson was wonderful and took time explaining everything to me.

Mar 6, 2019

Very polite

Feb 25, 2019

Dr Grayson is outstanding!!! His ability to be informative while reassuring makes a difficult situation possible to get through. It is evident that he practices with both skill and integrity.

Jan 28, 2019

Dr. Grayson and his staff are wonderful. We feel very lucky to have him as our surgeon!

Jan 21, 2019

Dr. Grayson has been incredible. I would send any family member or friend to him.

Dec 27, 2018

Doctor Grayson is one of the best Doctors I have dealt with. Shows the compassion that is needed for a patient when facing surgery and the unknown~ very honest and up front when answering your questions

Dec 16, 2018

Waited well over one hour in the waiting room. Then waited 45 minutes in the prep room.

Dec 4, 2018

Thank you~ Dr. Grayson and staff~ for helping me and my husband. I was really shaken by the unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer. You supported me. Dr. Grayson~ you educated me~ guided me~ treated me kindly and professionally. We are grateful that you are located in Richmond~ our home town. How much more difficult this stressful time would have been if your services were not in Richmond~ and we had needed to travel to another city. May God bless you all!

Nov 4, 2018

Dr Grayson is very personable and down to earth. He was really patient with all my questions. Definitely a valuable asset to reid.

Nov 4, 2018

The length of time it took to get the surgery was way too long. Part of this was out of Dr grayson hands and had to rely on collegue Dr seigel and his office. we had horrible communication issues in the beginning with calling to see where things stood etc and no messages being sent to nurse or dr etc. or to the opposite drs office. once I made a statement to the nurse~ she jumped on it and things have been running smoothly every since. things happen and that fine~ but we went from hurry up and get testing done in june to not having surgery -- long wait. When 2 months of it at least was communication issues which was at front desk of both offices. But like I said after that issue got worked out there have been no issues at all along the way. very happy and would highly recommend.

Oct 29, 2018

Great doctor! Made me feel at ease during my in office procedure while speaking to me through it. Very good bedside manners. Would definitely go back to see him and recommend him.

Oct 28, 2018

We have so appreciated Dr. Grayson. He was thorough~ took the time to explain all options to us~ and had an excellent bedside manner. We were just very impressed with his care. We would recommend him to anyone needing surgical care! His office personnel were also very nice~ caring ~ and considerate.

Oct 22, 2018

The staff and Dr was was wonderful

Oct 21, 2018

This was my first visit and I was extremely nervous but Dr. Grayson was highly recommended and he was extremely professional and gentle~ kind and made me feel at ease. He discussed everything with me and made me feel so much calmer than I was when I walked in. Thank you Dr. Grayson

Oct 21, 2018

Greatly appreciate your friendlynes

Oct 15, 2018

Dr Grayson was very through~ polite~ and friendly. I highly recommend him!

Oct 8, 2018

i received excellent care thank you.

Oct 4, 2018

They were very prompt in completing papers I requested for my employer.

Sep 28, 2018

I just got the email about the survey this morning~ and you expect me to remember all the little details from a week ago~ like~ who was the provider~ how long it was from the time I called to the actual procedure etc~? I am not looking all over the house to find the records I would need to answer these stupid questions. Don't you keep records?

Sep 23, 2018

Dr. Grayson was very professional. He took time to explain all of the options involved in my upcoming surgery. I so appreciated him taking the time to clearly explain the information to me. I really liked him and have full confidence in him. I would highly recommend him to others.

Jul 9, 2018

I did not like meeting with this doctor at all. He was rude and just repeated himself during the whole visit. "everything that they told you about your gallbladder is wrong" at least a good 20 times in my appointment. Asked where my paid was~ and then I explained to him where it was a good 15 times. And not until I said sure the pain was in my stomach would the doctor go any further. Which was frustrating because I would not describe the pain in my stomach. With the way he was in the first appointment I would never recommend him to anyone I know. Nor would I ever have surgery with him.

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