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Stacy Borden Varied

Stacy Borden AuD

4.4 out of 5
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Dr. Stacy Borden

Reid Hearing Center

1434 Chester Boulevard Richmond, IN 47374


Monday: 8am - 5pm Tuesday: 8am - 5pm Wednesday: 8am - 5pm Thursday: 8am - 5pm Friday: 8am - 5pm

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Ball State University - AuD

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Stacy Borden Reviews

4.4 75
May 24, 2024

Sat there for almost 45 minutes and then didn't even get to see a provider they had to reschedule me

May 16, 2024

The Dr. was very helpful in my understanding of my care.

Apr 24, 2024

Very thorough and professional.

Apr 17, 2024

I do not think the hearing center is required to change $65,00 to clean the hearing aids

Mar 27, 2024

Everything went well

Mar 13, 2024

A good visit overall from check in to check out.

Mar 1, 2024

Was very satisfied with service.

Feb 29, 2024

She was very easy to talk to and very through. The girls at front desk were welcoming and the doctor's assistant was very kind.

Feb 23, 2024

Reid ENT has major phone problems!!! Week before last I called twice the same day and was on hold for an extraordinary amount of time. I finally left a message for a call back. No one called me back. Last Friday I called 3 times, was put on hold and never talked to a human. First call I selected the nurses' station and got no one. The next two calls I selected scheduling- still no one. All three times I waited on hold for a long time! I was told they were busy with other patients. ( They are not too busy to pick up a phone.). I was calling the 935-4477 number from the website. Since I wanted help before the weekend, I drove to the office. How many potential new patients are being lost because no one will pick up the phone? Poor business management.

Feb 14, 2024

From start to finish all the staff members at Connorsville were friendly and professional. I was taken back on time. I received a very professional hearing test and had the results explained thoroughly. Stacy gets a A+ from me.

Jan 17, 2024

Dr. Borden did an excellent job with my son. She took her time, showed my son the instruments she was using, and demonstrated how it was used before she performed her exam on him. She was thorough and when results weren't the best, she recommended another check in the future to make sure his hearing is where it should be. Thanks Dr. Borden!

Dec 7, 2023

As always I received friendly professional service from the staff at the audio/ENT group. Thanks for being so awesome!

Dec 6, 2023

Dr Borden answered all of my questions and asked if I had any more. My hearing exam was thorough and not hurried at all. She explained all the testing and discussed the results with me. I plan to see her again to discuss further treatments.

Nov 30, 2023

Dr. Borden is efficient and really cares about me.

Nov 27, 2023

I had obtained hearing aids. their was a question about financing when I checked out. I thought one thing the dr. thought another thing. There was a couple months between appointments. I didn't remember what we had talked about. I thought I remembered what the Dr. told me about financing. I never received documentation on financing options. If I had received documentation there wouldn't have been a question about it at check out.

Nov 27, 2023

Dr Borden worked a long time and several visits to get my hearing to work well for me. Thank you so much!

Nov 17, 2023

Great treatment and service recovery!!

Nov 8, 2023

From the receptionist to the young man who serviced my hearing aids, they made me feel quite at "home" at Reid Audiology Connersville today. It's nice to be treated in such a caring manner. Thank you for offering such services in Connersville!

Nov 1, 2023

Good experience

Oct 23, 2023

Great job. Very professional.

Oct 20, 2023

Stacy is very very good with elderly; specifically my mom!

Oct 2, 2023

I was called in for my visit in a timely manner - had 1:00 P.M. appointment - I think I was called in maybe at 1:03 PM. The "audiology assistant" was very attentive to my concerns about my hearing aids and she promptly asked for my aids and scanned them to see if they needed a "software update" and then she did the update. "" Jen"" also answered my questions about what I need to do when I get a newer iPhone - as to having the Phonak app installed and she explained how to have the phone set up so I can answer calls without actually having the phone in my hand. All in all, a very informative and helpful appointment. I have always had "" 5-Star "" treatment or service at Reid Audiology. Thank you.

Sep 29, 2023

Good job

Sep 19, 2023

I had no problems with the dr and staff. She was VERY informative and helpful but-In hindsight I might have gone elsewhere just to speed up the process of getting hearing aids quicker. I know so many places are short staffed now.

Sep 13, 2023

She was helpful in answering my questions

Sep 8, 2023

She did a great job

Aug 23, 2023

Dr. Borden is one of the most caring dr.'s I've had! She Makes the time to help her patients!

Aug 22, 2023

Very impressed with service I received

Aug 14, 2023

Both doctors that I saw were very helpful, listened to my recent experience of total hearing loss due to a long-lasting virus, and told me how to get an immediate appointment if such a thing occurs in the future. Unfortunately, the person I had talked to on the phone in order to schedule an appointment when I experienced the hearing loss did not tell me if it was an emergency I could be fitted into the schedule, which is what the doctor told me so I had to wait two months to get an appointment. Though the hearing loss lasted several weeks, thankfully, my hearing had returned by the time of my appointment.

Jul 31, 2023

Was thankful for the dr sitting down and talking to me about my test

Jul 20, 2023

It took me 2-3 months to get the appointment to see the doctor if I had fluid in my ear again, but instead I got a hearing test, doctor not in. Have to go back. The hearing test went well.

Jul 6, 2023

Thanks for the excellent experience.