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Lloyd Javier Varied

Lloyd Javier MD

Family Medicine
4.6 out of 5
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Reid Family Health
1471 Chester Blvd Richmond IN, 47374-1945
(765) 935-8581
(765) 935-1171
795 Sim Hodgin Pkwy Richmond IN, 47374-1928
(765) 966-5949
(765) 962-6268

Training & Education

Institution (City/State)
Charleston Area Medical Center
07/01/2009 - 06/01/2010
Charleston Area Medical Center
07/01/2010 - 06/01/2012
Medical School
St. Luke's College of Medicine
04/01/2001 - 05/01/2006

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Board Certified
American Board of Family Medicine
Family Medicine

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Lloyd Javier Reviews

4.6 125
Nov 5, 2019

When a message is left with a request and to please call back to advise whether that request was completed~ why is not an expectation that the patient be called back? VM left 11/1 at approximately 8:05 a.m.~ this is 11/5 at 12:35 pm and I have yet to receive a call back.

Oct 18, 2019

Need to remember what your med. History is. Keep better records.

Oct 16, 2019

Dr was super nice but med asst felt as if just being nice because she has to not genuinley because she is that type of person . opinion only

Oct 14, 2019

I am grateful to have Dr. Javier as my doctor. He is caring and always takes the time to explain treatments~ and does not try to rush through anything.

Oct 1, 2019

phone rn system needs work in ans. ? and problems with treatements.

Aug 28, 2019

I really appreciate the time Dr Javier spends with me. He answers all my questions. Very satisfied with his care. I would recommend family members and friends to seek him out.

Aug 18, 2019

I'm always treated with respect and courtesy~ whether it is calling in prescription or making appointments~ the service is excellent

Aug 11, 2019

Dr. Javier is over booked and waiting an hour after appointment time is unacceptable. Might have been quicker to go to ER.

Jul 28, 2019

Dr. Javier is by far the best doctor I've ever had he's a very good provider. For my family and myself.

Jul 21, 2019

I need to prepare questions before my visit~ but they are always answered fully.

Jul 14, 2019

The wait time is over the top. You are asked to show up 15 minutes early and then have to wait an additional 30 to 45 minutes ~ this is not always the Doctors problem. I also seen patients come in after me and were called back before me . Not sure I understand this . Too much wait time

Jul 5, 2019

The nurse Sarah is exceptional. She's always been very helpful and courteous. She always makes us feel like we are the only patient she's helping. Her calm~ relaxed attitude allows us to do the same when we're in for an appointment.

Jun 24, 2019

My questions were answered and I was very well treated

Jun 24, 2019

The wait to see the doctor is always long at this office. I come on-time~ but they are never on-time and you will end up waiting. Several visits I have waited for well over and 1hr. to 1.5hr to see the doctor.

Jun 10, 2019

The MA Monica is amazing. Very thorough and acted like she generally cares. Her smile and friendly manner made things way easier

May 26, 2019

When reading over my summary~ I noticed the dr noted that he spoke to me about recreational drug use. This was very offensive to me as we did not speak of drug use and I dont use any recreational drugs or alcohol. This stament in my chart COULD imply I have a problem or issue. I dont want that noted in my chart.

May 26, 2019

I was to have an appointment for therapy on my arm but have not heard anything yet.Am I to call Reid? Thank you

May 26, 2019

I thought it was highly odd that for a physical exam~ I wouldn't take a stitch of clothing off at all.

May 17, 2019

The newly remodeled office is very attractive and pleasant.

May 12, 2019

Never a problem with any staff member associated with Reid Health

May 5, 2019

I felt the receptionist was condescending and could be rude in her discussion with me regarding well checks and insurance. At one point her conversation brought up a situation that I felt uncalled for.

Apr 22, 2019

The new office is a nice improvement - brighter atmosphere. Parking is much better. The receptionist~ nurse and Dr. Javier are friendly and professional.

Apr 21, 2019

I think Dr. Javier is best doctor I've seen. He very thoughtful and caring~ he listens to he's pt's concerns and treats accordingly.

Mar 24, 2019

very good visit

Mar 24, 2019

LPN Her name was Tracie she was very professional and made my visit a great experience we need more people like her. And she always had a smile and that really helps remove the nervousness that I EXPERIENCED.

Mar 19, 2019

Dr.Javier is a great PCP. I would recommend him to any of my family or friends. He takes his time to listen to my concerns and sits down when talking to me. This makes me feel Ike he is listening and has the time for my health.

Mar 9, 2019

Lady at front desk rude...I was visibly upset and she badgered me about insurance card that I had not received. She told me I should have received one. They was a mix up and my insurance card was not issued. She would not listen. She wanted to get her point across. I know her job is to get a card but shes not working with things she is working with people who are going to the doctor because they are sick. People are usually upset and nervous. She needs to take customer service training on how to make sure people are acknowledged and they are not just and insurance card and number!

Mar 4, 2019

I like Dr. Javier however~ I feel that he does not listen to answers to the questions he asks. I feel that I have to repeat alot of answers. This is very frustrating at times.

Feb 25, 2019

I was welcomed by a nurse named Tracie R~ she was very nice and made me feel at ease . Very professional

Feb 21, 2019

Dr. Javier has been very helpful. I feel like he truly cares about his patients. I feel he goes above and beyond with his patients.

Feb 17, 2019

I very much appreciate the effort taken to get me seen that day for a concerning symptom that allowed me to avoid seeking care at the ED. This was an issue that required the attention of my PCP who is familiar with my medical history and will require follow-up and not appropriate for the urgent care setting.

Feb 12, 2019

Initial appointment on Nov 19~ then had an at home sleep study. Dr. saw results on Dec 20 that I need a cpap machine for severe sleep apnea~ I found out the results at my follow-up apt on 1/31. As of 2/11~ I have not heard anything about if the cpap has been ordered~ or from where. Very poor communication.

Feb 3, 2019

Usually long wait times. I'm on time but the doctor never is.....

Dec 10, 2018

Not only did he explain my condition~ he printed out paperwork for me to take home and read about it. Excellent Service!

Dec 9, 2018

The doctors office is very outdated and dumpy. However~ I understand they're moving to a new location soon.

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