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Christopher Smalley Varied

Christopher Smalley PA-C

Physician Assistant
4.4 out of 5
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Urological Care
1050 Reid Pkwy Ste 325 Richmond IN, 47374-1161
(765) 962-8551
(765) 962-2591
110 East 13th St. Rushville IN, 46173-2126
1475 E. State Road 44 Suite 3 Connersville IN, 47331-0219
(765) 825-8686
(765) 827-8525

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Christopher Smalley Reviews

4.4 97
May 31, 2019

Pleased with Urological Care Center

May 19, 2019

No complaints of any kind.

May 19, 2019

My last appt.was cancelled due to Dr. to do sx that AM. This cancelled appt. was put off for 2 mos. Under-staffed re: physicians. This occurrence has happened one time before. No complaints about anyone of the staff.

May 5, 2019

Nursing or assistants are very courteous. Dr Smalley need to slow down a little when explaining options for treatments

Apr 29, 2019

Too long to get an appointment.

Apr 28, 2019

Amount time spent with patient by C Smalley was short and too quick. Hard to communicate when you feel provider is on the run.

Apr 21, 2019

I felt rushed by the doctor and felt like there was only one solution to my problem. That solution was also a scary solution and I would have felt better if I had not been so rushed.

Apr 14, 2019

For some reason~ the lab test ordered was not completed. What I thought was to be completed did not happen. I do not know where the problem occurred but my trip for this visit was a waste of my time. The 4K Series test was not completed. When I went for the repeated test~ Reid Lab had to request a revised order.

Mar 21, 2019

Felt rushed not given a chance to asked all my questions~ didn't seemed concerned~ would have like a little more personal attention

Mar 17, 2019


Feb 18, 2019

Good place

Feb 10, 2019

I had questions about my appointment~ called back and was given answers~ only more questions!

Jan 28, 2019

On this appointment they had the wrong date for our appointment and they had to work us in with PA instead of NP and the appointment was rushed. I can't give them a favorable rating because we had to wait 5 months for the surgery .

Jan 27, 2019

Main concern was that paperwork at Dr. Smalley's command seemed to be incomplete~ not up to date. I had to remind him that I was due for regular lupron/ prolia injections (it took him some time to determine this was indeed the case).This is a busy office~ seems that things overall are a bit ragged. That said~ the staff are genuinely helpful and efficient. Sees the problem is with paperwork?

Jan 21, 2019

Everyone I was in contact with were courteous~ helpfulAnd friendly

Jan 6, 2019

Very friendly staff

Dec 24, 2018

Had a problem after leaving office~ returned & was seen right away. Problem solved.

Dec 23, 2018

We are always very pleased with the way we are treated on every visit. Everyone in the Center is very courteous and pleasant. All of the questions we have are answered thoroughly. We never feel as if we are being rushed out. The Center is a wonderful place to receive treatment. God bless all of you.

Dec 23, 2018

Your new patient forms are at least a 10th generation copy. My wife can revamp your forms using Excel~ which would look much more professional.

Dec 17, 2018

This really isn't a complaint~ but I couldn't help but feel like my last visit was a bit unnecessary. This was a pre-operative consultation~ and simply put~ I peed in a cup~ then waited in the exam room for 40+ minutes so that the PA could come in~ listen to me take 4 deep breaths~ then tell me my urine was "clean"~ and no other tests were necessary. Seemed like a silly visit~ but I understand the need for a urine test I suppose. The staff were professional and courteous~ and the only other issue I noticed was that there was a urine sample on the shelf above the toilet when I went in the restroom - apparently someone before me didn't understand they needed to put it in the metal cabinet on the left...I pointed that out to the nurse when I came out and she was apologetic.

Dec 14, 2018

I waited 2 years for this follow up appointment. The appointment was for November. I received a call cancelling the appointment and to reschedule for January 2019. I told her it was not acceptable. I received my appointment for December 4. I find it hard to understand rescheduling an appointment scheduled 2 years in advance. I was very disappointed in the service.

Dec 14, 2018

Everyone at this office is always very nice and professional with me and any things that I want to know. I give them a top rating and tell everyone that I talk to about how great my experiences are. Thank you very much.

Nov 4, 2018

very up beat..a plusCame into room talking super fast. Every dr listens to heart he put it up to back and didn't even wait for him to breath and didn't do front or any other on back. He was loud~ thought he was funny. we spent less that 5 mins with him. Granted we had just seen dr Johnson in hospital a few days prior to that so this apt was pretty basic~ but a complete waste of our time.

Oct 8, 2018

Things were a little backed up that day.... we waited approx. 30 minutes in the exam room. I understand some days are like that....

Oct 1, 2018

I think maybe the questionnaire I filled out should be looked at by the doctor to see if he had any concerns with my answers. I could have answered some of the items more fully had I known to bring the info with me.

Sep 24, 2018

I have found this to be a very thorough~ professional~ and courteous office.

Sep 23, 2018

Smalley is a great person to have on your team.. always friendly and ready to answer questions. Try to keep him

Sep 23, 2018

We called every single day for eight days trying to get in as I was in severe pain. Never received a return call ever! My doctor made this appt for me from my hospital room. You are either way too busy or your staff is very very uncaring.

Sep 17, 2018

Dr. spoke awfully fast. Had to have him repeat some things

Sep 10, 2018

I really wish medical providers would put their new patient/medical history forms online so that those who prefer to could fill them in and submit them online. Keep mailing them for those who don't use the internet~ but I have terrible handwriting and being able to tab through a form would be a lot easier.

Aug 26, 2018

The entire place runs like a well oiled clock! Very efficient and friendly. everyone!

Aug 24, 2018

It would be nice if I was able to speak with a person when I call instead of having to leave messages and wait for a return call.

Aug 20, 2018

I am guessing about most of this. My wife handled the details.

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