Telepsychiatry virtually links psychiatrists with patients

Telepsychiatry is a Reid Telehealth service that allows expertly skilled psychiatrists at Reid to conduct a physician-patient visit with patients who are not in the same exam room as the psychiatrist. Instead, the patient is located at one of five Reid community physician practices, using high-definition, real-time, two-way audio and video Telehealth technology.

Mental health treatments typically require frequent visits. Reid patients in need of mental health care can now get access to a psychiatric specialist through our Telepsychiatry service without having to travel all the way to Richmond, Indiana.

The services can also be used to conduct detention hearings to avoid a need for Judges to travel. Additionally, these services make it more convenient to conduct a mental health assessment of incarcerated individuals to avoid the need for travel of the inmate and accompanying law enforcement personnel.

The services are also offered to regional emergency departments, needed access to emergency psychiatric evaluations.

How does telepsychiatry work?

Digital video-conferencing technologies allow the Reid psychiatrist to perform a complete psychiatric assessment for a patient at a remote location.

About our psychiatrists and licensed social workers

Reid has board-certified psychiatrists and licensed social workers available to participate in Telepsychiatry, offering advanced treatment options available locally.

The team provides psychiatric services for adults and seniors, including helping with issues such as addictions, dementia, depression and other emotional/behavioral problems. The team is committed to helping patients obtain the highest quality of life possible. Telepsychiatry offers very convenient access to a thorough psychiatric evaluation by Reid psychiatrists, while decreasing or eliminating the burden of travel outside their community for many patients.

Contact information:

TelePsychiatry: (765) 983-3298

email: Reid Health Telehealth