Childbirth Related Classes

These classes are for couples who plan on giving birth at Reid.
Couples may also enjoy tracking pregnancy changes week by week, through our Shared Beginnings Pregnancy Center.  To register for any of the classes below, please call (765)983-3020.

Childbirth Preparation

Knowledge is Power!  Traditional childbirth preparation classes for mothers-to-be and their “coaches” help to eliminate the fear of the unknown associated with labor and delivery. Most families attend a series of evening


classes. Saturday classes are available on a limited basis.

A wide range of subjects are included with a focus on the birth process, coping measures, and how a loved one can help the laboring woman. Other topics address relaxation, breathing techniques, and medications.

Childbirth class is also a great opportunity to meet, and share ideas with other expectant families.

Childbirth classes take place from 6:30 pm -8:30 pm
Available dates for classes are:
August: 1, 8, 15
October: 2, 9, 16
December: 4, 11, 18

Prenatal Breastfeeding

If Mom is planning to breastfeed, this class offers evidence-based guidelines for getting off to a good start.  It covers the basics of breastfeeding, as well as how to deal with challenges which may arise. Remember, Breastfeeding problems have solutions!  Why not let our Board Certified Lactation Consultant and excellent Nursing Staff help you to achieve your individual breastfeeding goals?

Childbirth classes take place from 6:30 pm -8:30 pm
Available dates for classes are:
September 5
November 2

Sibling Celebration

Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and their Parents will love this class!  It is a fun, creative way to address kid’s questions and concerns about the new addition to the family. Parents will benefit from seeing things from the older sibling’s perspective. Children will need to bring a photo or drawing of themselves as babies.  Classes limited to 10 children with parents.

CPR Anytime

When an infant is felt to be at risk for difficulties, a physician may order Infant CPR instruction for parents.  CPR Anytime is a personal learning program developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association. The kits for this program are available if your physician determines there is a need.

We at Reid’s Family Birthing Center look forward to meeting you, and serving your needs, during this very special time in your life!

To register for any of these classes, please call (765)983-3020.