The Grant Process

As a not-for-profit hospital, Reid is committed to giving back to the communities we serve. The community benefit grant process is a means for Reid to establish community partners in other organizations who are working toward common goals for the betterment of society.

Grant applications will be accepted from organizations which are qualified 501(c)(3) organizations and other organizations recognized by the IRS as those to which gifts are tax deductible. No grants are awarded to organizations that discriminate as to race, gender, sexual preference, age, disability, creed, or ethnic group.

To be eligible for a community benefit grant, a program or service must meet an identified community need and at least one of the following community benefit objectives:

  • Improve access to health care
  • Enhance community health
  • Advance knowledge through health education or research
  • Relieve a government burden

2018 Grant Focus

Apply For A Community Benefit Grant

Please note the application will only be open when an actual grant cycle is open.

For 2018, the Community Benefit Committee will focus grant funds toward the following priorities in our community:

Mental Health and Substance Abuse (accepting applications Jan 2, 2018 –Mar 1, 2018)

Our goal is to promote mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being within the communities we serve by improving mental health and reducing substance abuse. Grant requests will be evaluated on their ability to improve the following indicators:

    • Adults who smoke
    • Controlled substances dispensed
    • Death rate due to drug poisoning
    • Depression: Medicare population
    • Frequent mental distress
    • Heroin treatment rate
    • Mothers who smoke during pregnancy

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight (accepting applications Mar 2, 2018—May 31, 2018)

Our goal is to improve the health of the community by encouraging healthy choices and reducing the disparities related to activity and nutrition. Grant requests will be evaluated on their ability to improve the following indicators:

    • Access to exercise opportunities
    • Adults 20+ who are obese
    • Adults 20+ who are sedentary
    • Child food insecurity rate

Additional Information

Programs will only receive funding through community benefit grant funding once during a calendar year. If there are multiple programs managed by a single fiscal agent, the fiscal agent may apply for grants for the other programs within the same calendar year.

Applicants may be required to demonstrate other funding sources to support the program, in addition to the support provided by Reid.

Awardees of community benefit grants will be required to submit a quarterly report for the twelve month period following the receipt of their grant award. Failure of the organization to complete or submit quarterly reports may result in denial of future grant applications.

Consideration will not be given to grants which solely support funding of:

  • Construction and/or renovation
  • Land or property acquisition
  • Endowments
  • Projects or programs completed prior to the end of the grant cycle in which the grant was applied for

Grant requests must submitted via the Online Application Form. The Community Benefit Committee of the Board of Directors will make the final decision. All applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision by mail.

Need Help?

Reid’s Community Benefit Specialists are available to assist with the application process. Unsure if your project meets the criteria? Don’t hesitate to reach out and have a discussion. The Community Benefit Specialists can help guide you through the process. Please call us at (765) 935-8825.