Community Benefit

What is Community Benefit?

Community Benefit can be defined as any program or activity that provides treatment and/or promotes health and healing as a response to community needs. As a not-for profit hospital, Reid provides community benefit to give back to the communities we serve, establish community partnerships and encourage those partnerships among other organizations, and work toward common goals for improving health.

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, not-for-profit hospitals are required to perform a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years. This assessment allows Reid to identify service needs within the service area.

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Quick Links:
Access the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment.

View Reid Health’s 2016 Implementation Plan.

In addition to the Community Health Needs Assessment, the Affordable Care Act also requires that not-for-profit hospitals complete an Implementation Plan to identify what needs will be addressed and how they will address them.

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