Junior Volunteer

Our Junior Volunteer Program at Reid Hospital

Junior Volunteers are vital to our volunteer program. The experience is designed to expose you to the healthcare environment, to challenge you, to help you understand the importance of giving back to your community and provide an opportunity to work with adults and hospital staff.

Why Volunteer?

Junior Volunteers are learning new skills to help in the workforce or to gain experience for their resume or college entrance. Whatever the reason, you will get more from volunteering than you would expect.

Our Junior Program

For each JV session we will accept approximately 20 new volunteers.   It is important that you check the application packet deadline in order to be eligible for an interview.  Our Junior Program consists of 3 Phases:  Guest Relations, Patient Interaction, Student Leadership.



Runs from June 1 – Mid August  for 2 – 4 hours per week

  • Application packet deadline – April 1


Runs from September 15 – Mid December for 2 hours per week

  • Application packet deadline – August 1

  Volunteer  procedure:

  • Application submitted
  • Interviews & Acceptance
  • Orientation
  • Begin Assignment

Steps to Apply.