Adult Volunteers

Our Adult Volunteer Program at Reid Hospital

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Reid Hospital. We believe the adult volunteers who work with hospital staff are a valued resource, which is often hard to find. The Volunteer Services Department’s first priority is to find the appropriate assignment for you. We would like to set you up with one that is desired by you and fills a hospital need for assistance.

Level of Commitment

Because of the amount of training involved, Reid asks for a sixth month commitment.

Our Volunteer assignments include:

Providing supplemental servicesadult

  • Assisting with clerical duties
  • Helping with Ginkgo Boutique gift shop
  • Providing mail room support
  • Library support services

Adding to the quality of health care

  • Helping patients and their families
  • Providing aid to rehabilitation, emergency, radiology, heart, cancer and other services
  • Promoting wellness by assisting community education efforts

Bringing a special touch

  • Serving as volunteer chaplains and chaplain aides
  • In-home hospice visits and hospice office assistance
  • Playing music
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Providing support to the information department


Placement as a volunteer is based on Reid’s need as well as the volunteer’s. All volunteer positions are subject to an assessment period and the satisfaction of the department and the volunteer. Acceptance and placement as a volunteer is not guaranteed to any applicant. Those who are not suited to the health care environment at Reid Hospital, or whose availability and interests are not compatible with our needs, are referred to other agencies.

Steps to Apply.