Patient Stories

Reconstructive surgery gets patient back on his feet

A series of issues first believed to be a knee problem kept David Shannon of Winchester running to various medical specialists in sometimes frustrating efforts to find the cause of swelling in his leg and foot. In fact, he was in the process of seeking a referral to a northern Indiana city for treatment when

Stroke survivor: Take meds, ‘get regular checkups for heaven’s sake!’

As a nurse, it didn’t take Sandy Collins long to figure out what was going on. She had just returned from lunch and was standing at a nurse’s station in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at Reid Health. She suddenly became dizzy. Her left arm drew to her side. Her leg went numb. “I told

Miraculous timing: New guidelines likely saved stroke patient’s life

Time is often the key to survival when someone suffers a stroke. For Jean Green, timing was also a huge part of what she and her family say is a “miracle.” Consider: If the stroke Green suffered Feb. 2 had occurred less than two weeks earlier — before new national treatment guidelines were issued and

Teen brothers with hearing aids: ‘If you need them, get them’

When Briggs Uhler was about three, his mother Melody noticed he seemed to be ignoring her or asking her to repeat things. It was enough for her to suspect something could be wrong. Tests soon confirmed a hearing loss that was corrected with hearing aids. When his younger brother Nikolas was a toddler, he too

Darke County heart patient: Caregivers ‘just made me feel good’

A well-timed joke eased his nerves in the heart cath lab. A unit nurse made him so comfortable “she could have been a daughter” – and even returned on her own time to give him a hug before he was discharged. These unexpected personal touches, in addition to the special procedure that fixed an irregular