Patient Stories

Spine surgeon finds lots to learn in Reid Health Nourish You program

Before he became a spine surgeon, Gregory Hellwarth, M.D., received a degree in Nutrition from The Ohio State University. But when he decided to go through the Reid Health Nourish You program for the second time, he was still surprised at what he learned. “It’s been a number of years since I finished college, and

Vein patient finds friendly staff promotes healing

When Jana Marshall was waking up from anesthesia following a recent procedure on a carotid artery in her neck, she heard someone talking about donuts. So her first words were “can I have one of those?” Since a donut is not a good choice as the first thing to eat after surgery, she unfortunately didn’t

A big fan: Union City patient cites ‘cool’ experience with surgery, hospital stay

Excellent care, a straight-shooting doctor and a friendly staff all helped make Tim Cline of Union City a big fan of Reid Orthopedics. And so did a big fan – literally. Cline had a knee replacement in August with Orthopedic Surgeon Mario Lee, M.D., and spent a couple of nights in the hospital. Cline explains:

Grandson leaps to action when ‘Papaw’ suffers stroke

Donald Dunaway of New Paris, Ohio, was trying to order food at a Fountain City diner on a Saturday morning in March when the words just wouldn’t come out. He was with his grandkids, and 11-year-old Adam Toschlog immediately sought help from restaurant employees. Family members, including his wife, Sandy, were contacted and arrived quickly.

Peek-a-Baby gets family more involved in pregnancy experience

Maria Schambers is expecting a baby in July, but feels in some ways she’s already met her little one through the Reid Peek-a-Baby experience. “It really gives you a glimpse of what your baby is going to look like,” she said. “We were comparing features and photos to see who Baby Schambers will look like,”