Patient Stories

Teen brothers with hearing aids: ‘If you need them, get them’

When Briggs Uhler was about three, his mother Melody noticed he seemed to be ignoring her or asking her to repeat things. It was enough for her to suspect something could be wrong. Tests soon confirmed a hearing loss that was corrected with hearing aids. When his younger brother Nikolas was a toddler, he too

Darke County heart patient: Caregivers ‘just made me feel good’

A well-timed joke eased his nerves in the heart cath lab. A unit nurse made him so comfortable “she could have been a daughter” – and even returned on her own time to give him a hug before he was discharged. These unexpected personal touches, in addition to the special procedure that fixed an irregular

Reid Vein Center procedures bring relief to young mother

With a family history of leg vein issues, Alli Blunk was not really surprised when she developed painful varicose veins during her second pregnancy in 2016. As a nurse, she also knew treatments were available. So a few months after her daughter was born, she scheduled a free screening at the Reid Vein Center. The

Acute Rehab team helps get patient back on her feet

When Cecilia Crowe first arrived on the Acute Rehab Unit (ARU) at Reid Health in May, she could not stand on her own. And the first time she was able to do so, she could only stay up about 30 seconds, she recalls. Several weeks and numerous inpatient rehab sessions later, she is “walking everywhere”

Mooresville man finds trusted spine surgeon, pain relief in Richmond

When it comes to doctors dealing with his joint and spine issues, John Wright does his homework. It was his research on the internet that brought him all the way to Reid Orthopedics in Richmond from Mooresville, he said. “He carries the title of a doctor but he’s like a family member who cares about