Are your medicines right for you?

Can you imagine knowing before you take a medicine whether it will work well for you? Is the medicine you are taking really working for you based on your genetics? Ever wondered why a medicine didn’t work for you but worked for your friend? Reid offers an easy test that can help you determine the best medicines for you based on your genetic makeup.

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“Pharmacogenetic testing” involves swabbing the inside of your cheek and sending the sample to a specialty laboratory. The test results show which types of medication you are likely to respond well to (or not), based on genetics. This allows doctors to personalize therapy so you receive the right dose of the right medicine at the right time.

“Pharmacogenetic testing is a wonderful tool, because it helps us avoid the trial and error that is sometimes necessary when prescribing certain medications,” says Akbar Shinwari, M.D., a psychiatrist with Reid Health Psychiatric Services. “A number of my patients have already undergone this testing, and the results helped me prescribe the most effective medication for them. This has changed their lives for the better.”

Some insurance companies cover the cost of pharmacogenetic testing under certain circumstances.

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