The importance of keeping vaccinations up to date

Though where students are involved, vaccines are sometimes checked when a school semester begins, it is important to be aware throughout the year when vaccinations should be received or updated.

Vaccines may be credited with the decline in numerous dangerous and sometimes life-threatening infections in our society. Therefore, promoting one’s health through vaccine prevention of disease is ever more important to protect ourselves and our communities.

Be sure to check with your healthcare provider or local health department to ensure you and your family members are up to date on recommended vaccinations. Below, you will find the most recent required immunizations for school-age children in Indiana.

Indiana immunization recommendations

Do you have a family member preparing to attend college or enter the military?

  • Meningitis B: As of 2017, CDC now recommends vaccination with the meningitis B vaccines in addition to the previous meningitis series for individuals entering college or a branch of the military, for this provides additional coverage of meningitis strains.

If you have any further questions or concerns, check with your physician.

Adults should also stay on top of vaccinations and updates, such as for tetanus, the flu and pneumonia.  It is important to check with your provider about appropriate preventative vaccines for adults as well.

For further information, the following resources may provide valuable information: CDC (, Indiana State Department of Health, American Academy of Pediatrics Childhood Immunization Support Program

(, and the Institute for Vaccine Safety, Johns Hopkins University (

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