Reid physicians work as a team to restore patient’s heart health

Jim Mickschl was a picture of good health.  “I was working out four or five times a week,” said the 73-year-old, who lives in Connersville.  “I was able to do everything I wanted.” But Jim knew he had to keep an eye on his heart.  “I was born with a deformed heart valve, although I

High heart scan score: ‘I thought it must be a typo’

The results of Max Marty’s CT Heart Scan were so bad that even his doctor wondered how they could be correct. Max had scheduled his heart scan after two friends experienced heart trouble. A perfect score is zero, indicating a very low risk for coronary artery disease. Max’s score? 2400. “I thought it must be a

Heart scan proves inexpensive life saver

 Heart CT Scan Leads to Life-Saving Surgery David Jay thought he was the picture of health—until an inexpensive heart CT scan at Reid Heart & Vascular Center told him otherwise. David, who lives with his wife in Arcanum, has always been fit and active. Part of his routine involves getting regular check-ups and participating in workplace health screenings. Aside