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Dr. Hon Vien

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Reid Orthopedic Center offers skilled care using the latest technology for spine issues. Hon Vien, D.O., a spine surgeon whose expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery, is in fact the only spine surgeon in the region to use the Mazor robotic surgical system, which improves surgical accuracy for certain procedures.

Mazor is an important tool  to assist in correcting conditions such as scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spinal fractures and herniated discs. Dr. Vien also uses other minimally invasive surgical techniques which allows less cutting into muscle and smaller incisions. This may benefit patients in several ways—for example, they may experience less pain, need less narcotic medication, have a lower risk of infection or complications, lower the need for blood transfusions and spend less time in the hospital.

Reid Orthopedic Center does not perform laser spine surgery because there is no scientifically proven benefit as compared to other minimally invasive techniques. More than 95 percent of minimally invasive spine procedures in the United States, in fact, are not performed with lasers. And remember, even a laser procedure still involves surgery.

Dr. Vien began his medical career as a physical therapist, but was inspired to become a spine surgeon after undergoing surgery for a back injury. He graduated from Pikeville School of Osteopathic Medicine in Kentucky, did his orthopedic surgery residency at Garden City Hospital in Michigan, and completed a one-year fellowship in orthopedic surgery at Southeastern Spine Center and Research Institute in Sarasota, Fla.

Dr. Vien sees a variety of patients at Reid Orthopedic Center, including those who have symptoms such as debilitating back or neck pain, muscle weakness due to spine-related conditions, tingling or numbness in the arms and legs.

About Dr. Vien

  • His role
  • His history
  • His pain
  • His solution

What to Expect

  • Get aquainted
  • Share current symptoms
  • Review imaging
  • Discuss treatment options

What is minimally invasive spine surgery?

  • Less soft tissue disruption
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Less risk of complications
  • Highly accurate

Advantages of robotics

  • Very safe
  • Very effective
  • 99% accuracy

Is robotic surgery right for me?

  • Most don’t need surgery
  • Pain from previous surgery
  • Your situation is unique
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