Career camp helped guide January Ambassador into health care

January 5th, 2018

A career camp at Reid Health when he was in high school planted the seeds that led Cody Anderson of New Paris, Ohio, to become a registered nurse.

Cody Anderson, RN

Cody Anderson, RN

Eight years later, Anderson is being celebrated as the January Reid Health Ambassador. “Cody is the type of nurse that I would want to take care of my family members,” said one nominator of Anderson, who has worked on 5 North since he joined Reid in 2015.

Another nominator noted Anderson’s ability to calmly deal with difficult or stressful situations and the example of great care he sets when at the bedside. “He is the definition of cool, calm and collected,” the nominator said.

Anderson grew up in New Paris, graduated from National Trail and received his nursing degree from Indiana University East. He works the night shift, which he said is sometimes tough but allows him to typically have a little more time being involved with patients. “You get a little more time in the room with people,” he said, noting that things like physical therapy and other activities are more common during the day.

His career camp experience when he was a junior in high school exposed him to the wide variety of opportunities in health care.  “I went through all the departments here. I saw that in nursing, you get to be involved with all departments. I wanted to be in the hospital somewhere but at first wasn’t sure exactly where.” It wasn’t long before he decided to pursue nursing. “With nursing you get to be involved with a little bit of everything.”

Anderson’s philosophy of patient care involves trying to put himself in the patient and family’s shoes. “Obviously no one likes to be in the hospital. I try to make it the best experience for them and be part of the process of getting them back home.”

As charge nurse, his duties involve managing staffing, placing patients, dealing with unexpected issues and making sure the unit is running smoothly.

When he’s not at work, he finds time to farm about 100 acres of land where he grows corn and soybeans. He’s been slowly remodeling his first home, which he hopes to be able to move into soon. And he likes to hunt, recently bagging a large deer. Since his freezer was mostly full, he donated the meat to food pantries in Camden and Eaton.

“Reid is like a family to me. We all work great together. We have something special here.”