Vein patient finds friendly staff promotes healing

When Jana Marshall was waking up from anesthesia following a recent procedure on a carotid artery in her neck, she heard someone talking about donuts. So her first words were “can I have one of those?”

Jana Marshall

Jana Marshall

Since a donut is not a good choice as the first thing to eat after surgery, she unfortunately didn’t get one. That’s okay, she says. “I was teasing them. And they were on top of things,” says the Union City, Ohio, resident of her first experience at Reid Health. “They were professional and they showed a very caring side.”

Marshall says her experience with Reid Health was a good one at every encounter, including previous outpatient visits with Henry Chong, M.D., in Greenville, Ohio, and with Michael Buckmaster, M.D., at Reid Vascular Surgeons for treatment of blockages in her neck.

“They made you comfortable and they made you relaxed. I had the nicest nurse in the pre-op. She even came over to see me when I woke up,” Marshall says.

Dr. Chong referred Marshall to Reid Vascular Surgeons because of “carotid artery stenosis,” or blockage in an artery that supplies blood to the brain. He knew it required surgical intervention to prevent stroke and sent her to Richmond to consult with Dr. Buckmaster.

“Mrs. Marshall did very well with her surgery, went home the next day and was able to resume all of her normal activities – except I asked her not to drive for ten days as a precaution. And now she shouldn’t have to worry about stroke. We will keep watch over her arteries with ultrasound just to be sure,” he said.

Marshall says she doesn’t know of anyone in her family with the same issue, though her father and a brother had heart issues.

“Happy people make you feel better.”

She appreciated the friendliness and even the sense of humor she experienced with staff before and after the procedure. Besides joking with the staff about donuts, she also shared how comfortable Dr. Buckmaster made her feel. “From the very beginning, there was a friendliness. Each person made you feel comfortable. They even brought my husband a warm blanket. You feel like you are equipped with the right information,” she says.  “Happy people make you feel better.”