Spine surgeon finds lots to learn in Reid Health Nourish You program

Before he became a spine surgeon, Gregory Hellwarth, M.D., received a degree in Nutrition from The Ohio State University. But when he decided to go through the Reid Health Nourish You program for the second time, he was still surprised at what he learned.

Gregory Hellwarth, M.D.

Nourish You is a fun way to join others with the same health goals in a group setting according to Gregory Hellwarth, M.D.

“It’s been a number of years since I finished college, and I think knowledge in the area of diet and weight loss has changed significantly over time. I learned a lot of new insights – I was surprised at how much I learned that was new.”

One area of focus that really struck him concerned “mindful eating.” This topic addresses the importance of thinking about what, when and why you eat with tips like these from mindful.org:

  • Ask yourself when you start to eat something whether you are really hungry.
  • Make a point to think about what you eat and when – can you remember what you ate for breakfast? Did you like it?
  • Make your meals a priority by planning them and always being aware of what you are eating. Don’t eat something just to mark off the meal.
  • Recognize negative thoughts that might lead to negative actions – such as overeating.
  • Let your body catch up to your brain – it really is true that if you eat slower and wait 20 minutes, the brain will register that you are full before you eat too much.
  • Sit down at a table to eat and use plates. Don’t be tempted to eat out of containers while doing other things or watching TV.

Dr. Hellwarth notes the mindful eating tips and other information helped greatly both times he was in the class. He took the Nourish class the first time in 2008 to help him prepare for the Indianapolis mini-marathon, which he successfully completed. This time around he was motivated for weight loss, to get into better shape and just become healthier in general.

“I felt it had an extremely balanced approach.”

“I felt it had an extremely balanced approach,” he says of the 16-week course. “It was fun to participate socially with the other people in a group setting. And the instructors were outstanding.”

He has shared some of what he learned with his patients and also recommended Nourish You to some of them. “I think most people would be surprised to find out how much they learn in this course. I learned about some of the myths of dieting and weight loss.”

The course included topics on eating, shopping, exercise and attitudes. “It also deals with approaches toward stress and social activities, along with their relationship to eating. I learned quite a bit about portion control and managing how much we eat.”

Nourish You is a 16-week health management program that helps participants learn about nutrition, exercise and behavior management. It is held in a group setting, meeting Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. Participants can join any time without a physician referral. The $300 cost is sometimes covered by health insurance plans. More information: Call (765) 983-3423 or visit: https://www.reidhealth.org/wellness/weight-management/